Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Betty Pamper's Big Up Blighty Christmas Campaign

Pooki-Rae, Betty Bee, Nunu Von Pink, Kenny Dog leash and Lilly Von Pink doing our bit for Blightys Independent Sellers

I'm a massive Christmas head. I love everything about it, the food, the sentimental music, the gifts and the idea that for just one day of the year we  try and feel goodwill to all.
With the touch economic climate I know that our independent retailers are really struggling to stay afloat and Ive been wracking my brains as to ways I can help. I'm not able to act as a business angel, my own funds are tiny but I have this blog, I have some very beautiful generous friends and I'm married to a rather fabby photographer so Ive decided to start my own little campaign called "Betty's Big Up Blighty Christmas" and  I'm hoping you will join me in the fun.
Join me in my Big Up Blighty Christmas campaign
I'm suggesting we all pledge to buy at least one Christmas gift this year which is made by a small British independent retailer.
 I know that we are all watching the pennies and would never ask you to forgo the lure of the Boots 3 for 2 offer or the amazing value, stores like Argos offer, but if we each brought just one gift on our list from a small indie, either online at their shop or at a Christmas craft fair it would make a huge difference.
Lets put the wiggle back into  British  Retail
Britain is bursting at the seams with talented, creative peeps making the most remarkable items and they are often no more expensive than buying at a larger store. When I did my initial social media shout out about this idea I was inundated with super cool companies all keen to tell me about what they offered and happy to send me examples.
Last week myself, Mr Bee, Lilly Von Pink and Pooki-Rae all gave an afternoon of our time to shoot glamorous pictures of some very lovely items, all made in the UK.
 It was a rather chaotic shoot as it featured babies, dogs, fake snow and was all shot in the kitchen at BB Towers but we had so much fun and all felt we wanted to play our part in helping our UK shopkeepers weather the current financial storm.
And to add to the festive good tidings all the items featured in this post and in next weeks follow up feature have been very generously donated and will be made into a rather  awesome gift basket and given to charity to help make someones Christmas that little bit brighter.

So without further ado here is the first instalment of my Big Up Blighty Christmas Gift Guide.

For The Lover Of All Things Cosy

Hand knitted neckscarf (worn as a headscarf) £10 Woolleyfrog
Vintage Inspired Gloves with vintage buttons £20 Peggys Collection
Hair Flower £3 Evies Flowers

For Super stylish Tots
Nunu Von Pink Bigging up Blighty. Drool optional

50's Drive In Bandana Bib £4.50
50's Drive In Toddler Skirt £12.99 Both Bambino Diablo

For The Bookworm

Bookworm Custom Necklace Bete Noire £17
Handmade Wedding Crafts Book £12 Betty Bee Vintage

For The Pin Up Lover

Pin Ups In Pinnies Calender £10 Pin Ups In Pinnies

For The Roller Derby Chick
Pow Mirror £3.50
Roller Girl Necklace £16.50 Both Dolly Cool
Hair Flower £3 Evies Flowers

For The Pampered Pooch

Kenny Dogleash is loving his Rhinestone encrusted custom made coat

Custom Made Dog coats £10-£20 size depending Black Cherry Designs

For The Little Princess
Tooth fairy Cushion £15 Made By Em
Button Ring £4.99 Button dressed as lamb
Heart Bracelet  £6 Jen Rae Frances Design

I hope you have enjoyed this feature. Ive another one coming up next week and if you haven't done it already don't forget-buy at least one gift from a UK independent this Christmas and lets help keep Britain's shopping experience unique,creative and homegrown-just like us!

For loads more Christmas inspiration, recipes, craft ideas and tips check out my Christmas Page

All dresses by Sirens and Starlets (Blog post coming soon)

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  1. What a brilliant idea! I'm going to be perusing some of the sites you've linked to here for ideas!

  2. Thank you so much for some fab ideas. I'm dedicated to buying from independents, but fresh ideas are always so welcome! I shall now go off and spend more Christmas pennies on things I've seen here :)

  3. Kenny Dogleash!!! Just spat me tea out. CLASSIC!!! Great, entertaining post as always.
    Kenny Dogleash! (snorts).


  4. I almost bought my one local handcrafted product (a knitted hat)...erm then I KEPT IT FOR MYSELF. How selfish. But at least I am supporting local craftspeople. I am going to buy some nice restored antique stuff too, again locally. Which I will wrap and give immediately so I don't get tempted to keep it!

    1. ha ha well as long as you are buying thats all goodxx

  5. I'm planning on doing a similar post to this, I think it's really important! We're also pushing for people to come and shop local when we do our events too. So much talent out there, it really does deserve to be enjoyed and supported. :) Lovely post and as always, fab photos :) x

  6. Oh I agree, and I have bought a custom made hat for my son. I am also selling little hand knitted rag dolls myself (they are on my blog, this isnt a plug for myself lol).
    Yesterday I collected a veg order form from the independent Green Grocer and a Christmas order form from independent Butchers shop so we can order our Christmas food from them. The veg is more or less the same price as the supermarket, the butchers items are a bit more expensive, but I really do like to support small businesses who are being swamped by the giants of retail. We dont have much money to spare (like most people these days), but its manageable if you plan carefully.
    Great blog post :)

    1. Wow Val I applaud you. Well done xx

  7. It's fantastic that you are doing this. It is really hard to get people's attention, there is so much competition out there. I have you on my blog role, so I hope my readers will see this too. I am always nagging them about avoiding the High Street where possible!
    Vicki x

    1. Exactly-its so easy to pop onto Etsy or go to a craft fair and actually so much m ore fun

  8. Love it, love it, love it, I'm trying to buy as many as my christmas presents as possible for small retailers as fed up with the commercialisation and want people to receive unique gifts, certainly got a few ideas from your post, thank you very much and keep up the good work :0)


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