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This Outfit makes Me Feel fabulous In October

Last month I put a big shout out for all you lovely lot to send me pictures of yourselves wearing an outfit that makes you feel awesome.
Ive named this project "This Outfit Makes Me Feel Fabulous"  and I'm hoping that by regularly showing images of women from every age bracket and body type we will all start to appreciate the fact that beauty and style come in many different forms.
How wonderful that none of us are the same. Why don't we revel in this instead of making ourselves feel miserable if we dont conform to a specific sterotype.
Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its lots of lovely Women looking fabulous at every age, shape and weight-hurrah!
I'm so bored of only seeing women of a certain body fat and age ratio represented in the media and find  normal women rocking their own personal style far more inspiring.
Whatever your age,shape or size I would love to see a picture of you looking fine and hear the story behind your chosen outfit.
Lets all stand at the top of the highest building we can find and shout "Vive la difference" at the top of our lungs!
Here is just a small selection for you to enjoy this month. Hop on over to my facebook page to see the full gallery.

The October Gallery

Hi Betty,I follow your blog and worked up the courage to send you a piccy of me in my favourite outfit to you. I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to clothes but this outfit means a lot as I received so much compliments and felt stronger for it after a rough year with depression and a head injury resulting in losing the little hearing I had (I'm profoundly deaf.)
This outfit represents change and me getting stronger. Its the first time in a while I actually made an effort with make-up and my looks and it was a big middle finger in my view to depression and all the bad times. Since this outfit, I'm now wearing nicer clothes and always want to present myself well.


This dress (well all Collectif dresses do) makes me feel fabulous!
Not alone cause of the awesome fitting, the pretty print and flared skirt, but also cause while in Greece/on Crete, I completed the Samaria Gorge (18 kilometer downhill!) in it! Made me really proud of myself, and I can proudly say, I was the one who would have won best dressed that day! They made fun of me sometimes, but I just hardly own pairs of trousers let alone shorts,  so while going down hill, i was wearing a fashionable dress! 

The Agoraphobic Fashionista
My first ever pencil skirt after dropping 8 dress sizes :D Made me feel pretty cool. I've not actually worn it out in the big bad world yet though....

Went to Goodwood yesterday and felt all a bit splendid!
 Hair back combed to within an inch of it's life by me.
Sunnies, 50p Primark,
...retro 50's style Goddess pendant made by me. Wife's black shirt, 12 quid H&M Belt River Island Jeans, blokes section TK MAXX Handbag made from an old tire made by me.
Red patent wedges 6 quid in Matalan sale and adorned with shiny stuff, skulls n feathers by me :-)!

 I love the collectif dress I bought recently! This outfit makes me feel fabulous 

This is me and my bestie celebrating her 50th birthday. We certainly did feel fab that day. I would love to dress vintage style and the lovely ladies on this page have inspired me to seek out some outfits :))

I wanted to share this outfit with you, well actually it's not an outfit (hope it fits the criteria) For the first time in around 7 years I bought a bikini to wear on holiday. I was very nervous about being a fat girl in a two piece but in the end I decided to put the middle finger up to society and wear it. I felt fabulous and every time I see this picture I remind myself that we are all beautiful as we are, no matter what shape or size.

I feel really vampy in this and the best part is, I can keep it uber sexy with heels and bare shoulders or dress it down with flats and a cardigan for daytime.

This outfit gives me instant confidence and I always throw it on when I'm feeling a bit down, even if I'm only going down the shops for some window shopping or to watch a roller derby bout or work on a Friday night!

This is my outfit that makes me feel fabulous (and oddly, I won the dress in one of your giveaways!). I feel fabulous in all the swing dresses I own but this one is just so bright and beautiful, it's impossible not to smile when I'm wearing it.

Just a quick snap for your album, this was the first 'vintage' inspired dress I ever brought and Ive not looked back since! 

Hello! Here's my addition your 'outfit that makes you feel fabulous' album. Good ol' Viviene of Holloway, and an amazing red petticoat, makes me feel great every time I wear it. Made even more special because my hubby bought it for me as a surprise Christmas pressie a few years ago, bless!


This dress makes me feel fabulous which i wore for my 21st! It's from Holly Willoughby's collection and i just love how it flatters my silhouette that I'm proud of!

My beloved flamingo dress. Handmade,and bought from ebay. Love it because apart from the fact that it looks amazing, no one else has one

Hi Betty - I love this spotty jersey retro looking dress - can be dressed up or down and is very comfortable too!

Cheryl and Sue
I have attached a photo of Cheryl and I all dressed up for my brothers wedding, we both felt great in our outfits. I had a big underskirt on for the first time ever and could not help swishing at every opportunity.

I modelled the Blondie Dress by Stop Staring for Dolly Dagger Boutique. I promptly rushed home after the shoot and bought one for myself! It makes me feel like a sexy starlet!

Wow how wonderful do all these gals look! I'm so grateful that they have thrown caution to the wind and joined me in my crusade against the body bullies.To all these ladies and the many more who you can see over on my facebook page I'm blowing you a big jammy kiss.
I'm really keen to keep this project going.I can't do this alone so if you would like to be involved you can either attach a picture to my facebook time line or email me a photo. Include a few lines about why you love the outfit and where it was from.
Here is a quick video I made about this idea so take a look and please get involved.
Just imagine if we could create a real change to all the body hating, Women bashing garbage  that has become the norm and instead started to high five each other. Now that would be really beautiful!

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