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Staying Sassy: Sassyology

Lets Get Sassy!
As the weather seems to be killing everybody's buzz I thought this month would be the perfect time to revive my Bee Inspired series. 
Interviews with amazing women whose energy and vision can't help but lift you up.Today I bring you the rather awesome writing goddess that is Lisa Clark.
I first became aware of  Lisa when I stumbled on her blog 
Part life coach, part sexy gal about town, part spiritual goddess I instantly fell for her uplifting style of writing and beautiful world view. After a bit of gentle stalking I made her my friend and was rather excited when she revealed she was bringing out a book.
"Sassy-The Go for it girls guide to become mistress of your own destiny" is just as fabulous as her blog and I read it in about two days flat. People if you arent already a Lisa Clark fan girl I can't encourage you enough to check her out. Beware once you go sassy you never go back!

Queen of Sassy Lisa Clark
Betty Bee: For those who don't yet know the awesomeness that is Lisa Clark tell us a little bit about yourself:

Lisa Clark: Aww shux Miss B, I bloody love you! Well, since you ask, I'm a tattoo splashed, self-esteem queen and word writing girl. I switch up my days by being an author, journ-o, Mizz magazine agony aunt, badass book-writing coach and publisher who is crazy passionate about women knowing, owning and telling their stories, being awesome and dancing to the beat of their own drum while wearing really rather inappropriate footwear. I also love green tea, kissing my 6ft 6 Viking beau, 1950's rockabilly stylin' and colouring in.

Betty Bee:Your book is called Sassy-The Go for it girls guide to become mistress of your own destiny" What for you sums up being "sassy"

Lisa C: So, SASSY is an acronym for Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual and Sensational You and the book is all about the magic that happens when we align those elements and give ourselves permission to be the author of our story, mistress of our destiny and become our own freakin' super-hero-girl. Lycra ensemble is of course, optional.
Just because I wrote the book on SASSY, doesn't mean I'm an expert who can rock it out at the click of a finger, it's something I have to practice every single day, but because I do, life is significantly sweeter. It goes something like this, when I do yoga and I connect with my bendy-wendy goddess girl, I feel good. When I watch too much trash teevz, I feel a li'l slow and grouchy. It doesn't mean I don't watch trash teevz it every now and again - E Entertainment, I heart you - it's just when I know w
hat makes me feel good, what nurtures me, what fills me up, what gives me pleasure, what feels true and right to me, to rock out in the word and have a life as sweet as sugar, I have to...y'know, do more of those things!

Lisa C Amazing author girl with the longest eyelashes

Betty Bee:I love the books mixture of common sense, Spice girl style "girl power" air punching mixed with a large dollop of spirituality. Were you nervous about including magick rituals in your book? For every white witch bathing in the 
moon there is an atheist who will be instantly turned off.Why was it important?

Lisa C:There was a time when I'd never have shared my witch-y ways for fear of people judging me as the 'witch-y girl' or not reading my book because they thought it was a bit 'woo-woo' but when you're SASSY, you tell your truth, and my truth is that I love practical magic - both the act and the movie, in fact I freakin' LOVE that movie - I also love burlesque, tattoos, boy bands and really pretty dresses. In the book, I share what works for me to unleash my SASSY - and yep, that includes a big pinch o' magick which is all self-help really is y'know, practical magic -and hope in my big beat-y heart that it acts as a hot pink permission slip for girlkind to embrace their quirks, shout about the things they believe in and show up, just as they are. I'm a delicious mixture o' contradictions and I want to encourage other members of girl-kind to rock out in the world on their terms too.

Drinking in the Sassy

Betty Bee: You obviously feel very empowered and are passionate about empowering others yet you admit in the book you struggle with the term "feminist" I'm with Caitlin Moran on this who wrote What is feminism? Simply the belief that women should be as free as men, however nuts, dim, deluded, badly dressed, fat, receding, lazy and smug they might be. Are you a feminist? Hahaha. Of course you are.” Surely Sassy is feminist by its very nature ?
Lisa C: You're right, if feminism IS what Caitlin Moran claims it to be, then cool, that's deffo something I could dig, but if I'm honest, I struggle with any kind of 'ism', I'm just much happier aligning my SASSY, supporting fellow girl-kind, not hating on dude-kind and rocking out in the world, people can call it feminism, they can call it SASSY, but ultimately it's just showing up, full beam and being awesome, no label required.

Betty Bee: I think we both share the belief  that Women are wonderful creatures made even more wonderful when they look to each other for support and inspiration. You included interviews with some very inspiring gals some of whom I had heard of (Immodesty Blaize and the author Francesca Lia Block and others who were new discoveries (Kitty Pinkstars and Star Khechara) how did you choose who to include and how easy was it to get them to say yes?
Betty Bee: Yay, glad I got to intro you to some new inspir-o-girls, Miss B! I LOVE discovering women o' awesome and then sharing them with my readers, it's what I've been doing on for a long time, so when I planned the book, I knew I wanted to do the same, I looked at my chapters and drew up a wish list of women I'd love to include, I wrote them all a letter expressing my big-heart-filled love stuff in a non-stalker-like way, which wasn't entirely the easiest thing to do what with being a fan-girl of them all, but working on the basis that if you don't ask you don't get, I asked, and I bloody well got! They all said yes - hurrah!

Quick fire round
What book are you currently reading? 
I am one o' those girls who has about five books on the go at once. Right now though, I'm re-reading the perks of being a wallflower after I saw the movie at the cinema. It's amazing. I have BIG LOVE for Young Adult books...

Whats on your i-pod this morning? 
Mumford and Son - I don't care if that makes me a middle-o'-the-road Martha, I freakin' love 'em.

What perfume are you wearing?
B Scent from Lush - It's only available online, and it's an acquired taste, but everyone that smells me, says it's me in perfume form.

Last film that rocked your world?
Perks of Being a Wallflower - epic doesn't come close. Amazing soundtrack, a coming of age story that's just perfectly told. ADORE.

Any famous gals you feel would benefit from a date with your book?
they're not famous, but I would LOVE to send the entire cast o' TOWIE a copy, the way those girls talk about themselves and their appearance, makes me die a little bit inside

Where can my readers find out more about you and get there hands on your fabulous book?
I have a website: - mastery and badass-ery for gutsy girls - where I talk about books, body image and my current obsessions which at the moment include, yoga, tattoos and my up-coming handfasting to the Viking. You can friend me on facebook, where I hang when I should be writing, so as you can imagine, I'm there quite often and I tweet sometimes too, although I don't entirely get it. I am a word girl so hate being limited to such few wordage. The book is available from Amazon and will be out in kindle version for those that rock the technology in the next few weeks - hurrah!

Win Your Own Copy Of Sassy

Lisa is very kindly offering one reader a copy of her amazing book. 
To enter simply:
Join this blog is you haven't already
Leave a comment telling me what makes you feel sassy
The winner will be chosen by random number generator on Sunday the 21st of October 2012

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