Thursday, 18 October 2012

3 Reasons To Be Cheerful

I'm a bit of a whirlwind this week as Ive just started a one day a week collage course to learn some super dooper new make up skills, have been finishing the dreaded end of year accounts, have been working with some very exciting companies on a few projects of which you will hear all the details very soon and I'm busy planning fun activities to entertain my little girl,Mum, sister and nephew who will all be at BB Towers next week for half term fun.
So I will keep this short and sweet (much like my good self ha ha) and just tell you a few quick things that have been making me really cheerful this week.

#1-Doing Crazy Make Up

Does my bum look big in this?

I'm always trying to improve my work skills whether it be my make up artistry, writing or photography and am a great believer in going on courses to learn new tricks, meet inspiring people and generally just absorb cool stuff. This week Ive started a one day a week course in advanced make up and have been trying out some rather creative looks including this Ziggy Stardust inspired number. I did consider keeping it on for my daughters parents evening but figured it may be a bit much.

#2-The Fruit Of My Loins Being Praised

Princess Bee-The Force is strong with her
I'm just back from parents evening and Baba Bee is by all accounts doing rather marvellously. I don't write often about baba as I think she is a little person and deserves some privacy even if her mad mama does spend a large amount of her life making a show of herself  but needless to say I'm incredibly proud of her and quite honestly of myself and Mr Bee. For two fairly self obsessed people we are uncharacteristically selfless and engaged parents. Who would have thought!

Simply Be Using My Words To Inspire

Stuff wot I wrote

The Simply Be facebook page has an album which shares inspiring quotes from all sorts of amazing Women. Everyone from Oprah, Audrey Hepburn as well as some very cool bloggers. So I was really rather thrilled when they used one of my quotes. Its a paragraph I always include at the end of my outfit posts and to say I was chuffed to see it rubbing shoulders with such inspiring chicks is something of an understatement.

So there you have it. Three things making me cheerful. Whats putting a smile on your dial this week?
And to add to your general cheer Ive got not one but two fabulous giveaways.

Handbag Giveaway

I'm giving away a fabulous bag by the super cool Belinda's Prettys this week. Check out Mondays Post for details

Sassy Book Giveaway

The awesome Lisa Clark has a copy of her brand new book Sassy to give to one lucky reader. Hop on over to Tuesdays post to enter.

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