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Nail Rock Nail Wraps Review

Taking my tentative first steps into the world of "Nail Wraps"
I received a packet of Nail Rock wraps in a Glossybox last year. I had been a little bit disappointed that I didn't get the leopard print ones that other people got and wasn't too sure about the black and white stripe design so just put them in my nail kit and forgot about them.
Recently though I have heard more and more good things about Nail Wraps (I admit I was a little dubious) and as my nail art skills are fairly basic thought I would give them a whirl.

Love the packaging-I need that lipstick in my life

I rather daftly applied them before taking these picture (how long have I been at this blogging lark)  but to give you some idea the wraps come on a sheet and are all in varying nail sizes and you pick the one nearest to each nail and then peal them off.

If it looks like I'm peeling stickers off then that's exactly what it felt like.

Ive never considered myself to have particularly small nails but each size of wrap was huge and very long. I trimmed them down to as best a fit as I could.

You then stick them onto your nail almost like a sticker. The instructions say you can file them at the edges for a better finish and as you would imagine you need to press them down quickly to stop any creases.
I did struggle applying them to my right hand but that was partly because I still needed to trim them more as hadn't taken enough off. If I used these again I would cut them to the exact size as despite what the instructions say its actually really tricky cutting them down once on.

Look fabulous from a distance and would be great for a party or night out

The nail Rock wraps are a bit of a beauty Monet. They look awesome from a distance but up close they did look rather like I had stickers on my nails. I found they didn't file down smooth at the edges at all so looked a little jagged on a few nails.I think these would be great fun for a party but not if you were going somewhere where you wanted to look particularly polished.They did curl up at the cuticle edges which does rather give the game away that these are stickers rather than polish.
On the plus side they lasted surprisingly well and despite my initial reservations stayed put for two days despite me having showers, doing my hair and generally putting them through their paces. They also come off really easily with no damage to the nail.They only cost £6 as well so are a lot cheaper than going to a salon and even with all the fiddling quicker than doing it yourself.
I still love the concept of Nail Wraps and would consider using them again as they are such an effective way to have quite striking designs and I think part of the problem with these was me learning the best way to put them on, However the fact that they don't file down easily and the ridiculously large size of each wrap would mean I would take some convincing to use this particular brand again which is a shame as the designs at Nail Rock are awesome.

Nail Rock your designs are awesome but the final finish is a little bit scraggy.

Have you used these wraps? How did you find them? any tips on where i was going wrong?

Nail Rocks cost £6 and can be purchased from www.nailrock.com
Cat Ring from Belinda's Prettys
Necklace from Razorblade Mermaid

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