Friday, 26 October 2012

Jeepers Creepers Look After Those Peepers: Coloured Contact Lens Care

Many of you will be going to Halloween parties over the weekend and the finishing touch to your costume will be some spooky coloured contact lenses.
Coloured contact lenses are more widely available than ever before and can look fabulously freaky. 
I  used them at my  recent Horror Hottie photo shoot and the results were super creepy.

Contact Lenses can be used for an amazing Halloween effect

Its really important that you follow a few simple guidelines to ensure you protect your peepers.Always read the individual instructions that come with your lenses even if you are familiar with lens care and if in any doubt contact a qualified optician.

Enjoy the effects that coloured contact lenses give you-and remember to follow  these simple guidelines 
  • Always wash your hands before you pop your lenses in.
  • Your lenses will come with some saline solution. Pop a few drops of this onto each lens before you fit them.
  • As with normal contact lens be aware that certain eye make up especially glitter based ones can irritate your lens so keep that in mind when planning your Halloween finery.
  • Depending on the brand and design of coloured contact lens you use your sight may be effected so in all likelihood you wont be able to drive and it can be quite distracting to wear some types for any period of time.
  • With this in mind its worth taking your lens case out with you so if your eyes become overly irritated you can take them out.
  • Finally although you do need to give your eyes a few minutes to get used to wearing coloured contacts if at any time they hurt or your eyes wont stop running take them out (remembering to wash your hands first) and if you suffer any after effects contact your optician.
Have a fabulous Halloween and try not to terrify the trick or treaters too much with your crazy coloured contact lenses!
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