Monday, 1 October 2012

It Was Acceptable In The Eighties

Dress you up in my love
 A few weeks ago myself and Lilly under the guise of our company The Vintage Pamperbox were booked for a 1980's pamper party. Never one to miss an opportunity to dress up I spent ages looking for inspiration for a 1980's inspired outfit which would also make me feel pretty and not as if I was in fancy dress.
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My inspiration was early Madonna and Bannarama with maybe a little bit of Siouxsie Sioux thrown in for punky good measure.

Flashing my bra straps like an eighties inspired jezebelle

Ive had this off the shoulder top by Saywhat (via TK Max) for ages and with its tiny skulls on it added a bit of an edgy look to my eighties homage. I of course channelled my best Madge impression by ensuring my bra straps matched my fishnet gloves and my neon pink Primark sunglasses.

The smell of the crimpers heating up took me right back
 I'm wearing a black skater skirt which I got this season from Matalan and is probably one of the most versatile things in my wardrobe with some black leggings from Evans and Minnie Mouse bow shoes via the Bay of the e.

I'm actually loving the pink eyeshadow/blue eyeliner combination
 Doing the hair and make up for this look was an absolute blast. I dug out my trusty crimpers and crimped all my hair before backcombing it into a pineapple and fixing it with a lot of hairspray. My make up was bright pinks and purples from the Technic Electric Eyes pallette my lipstick  is shade "shocking pink" my blusher is shade "Pink Orchid" and my eyeliner is a liquid one shade "Electric Blue" all of which are by Barry M

The fabulous gals ready for  anight out having been turned into 1980's inspired hotties
 The Pamper party was brilliant. Wham! and David Bowie played on the i-pod and we set to making a lovely giggly bunch of hens look like 1980's princesses. They had got completely into the spirit of things and were wearing tee shirts with "Choose Life" on, neon leg warmers and rara skirts. It was magic.We used a lot of blue eyeliner and a lot of hot pink lipstick!
If you would like to book your own 1980's themed pamper party go to The Vintage Pamperbox for details

The Details

Top SayWhat? via TK Max
Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.

Join My "This Outfit Make Me Feel Fabulous "Project
If you enjoyed seeing my outfit I would love you to join my new project celebrating the amazing style of normal women.
Last week I asked people on my facebook page to attach pictures on my timeline of outfits which make them feel awesome and the response has been wonderful. I'm already blown away at how stylish they all look and would love to roll the idea out so it becomes a regular blog feature.Here is a vlog I filmed about this idea.

I can't do this alone so if you would like to be involved you can either attach a picture to my facebook time line or email me me a photo. Include a few lines about why you love the outfit and where it was from.

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