Sunday, 28 October 2012

I Love Rock n Roll

Sometimes it can feel like the world is trying to force you to conform.
We live in a very judgemental society. Everything from the size of your arse to the type of car you drive seems to now 'mean something" and its often the desperate attempts by us all to "fit in' which leads to dissatisfaction with our lot.
A desire to better yourself or excel is in no way a bad thing, especially if it leads to you pushing yourself into bright new directions which are stimulating and interesting. However to constantly compare yourself to others is one of the most futile things you can do. Ive done it myself, often and it never takes me to a better place.
Don't "Go Compare" it will do you no good.

There will always be someone more successful, better looking, or wealthier than you. Its a fact, get over it. Or better still don't even look.
Forge your own path, walk to the beat of your own drum.Ditch keeping up with the Jones and embrace a more "rock n roll' approach to life.
Walk to the beat of your own drum

Living by rock n roll ethics doesn't have to include throwing TV's out of windows or taking copious amounts of drugs, these are the spoils of success that can accompany rock n roll. What I'm talking about is looking at the style of Elvis (whose pelvis swinging was deemed an outrage) the creativity of Jerry Lee Lewis (who ever played a piano like that) or the flamboyance of Little Richard (a black dude in the 50's wearing eye make up and singing suggestive songs that took balls the size of planets) These guys were visionaries, they didn't need a TV show or a glossy magazine to tell them what was hip or cool they just did their own thing and you should too.
Rock n roll ethics are not just about throwing TVs out of window

Over the last few years we have fallen in love with exhibitions of wealth. Like peasants at the court of Marie Antoinette we look glassy eyed at the cars driven by footballers, the frocks worn by movie stars and the houses of reality stars and its made us all feel that what we have isn't enough.

Pressing our noses up against the windows and wanting more

Joey Ramone wasn't thinking about his next sponsorship deal when he was jumping like a fire cracker at CBGBs, Debbie Harry's lipgloss wasn't tied to a Lancome deal and the Sex Pistols didn't give a toss when their record was banned. They were driven by their own individuality not by a desire to be the prettiest, have the most green or attract the most twitter followers.

be inspired by Joey Ramone not the cast of Towie

So if you are feeling burnt out, broke and like nothing you have is good enough channel a little Rock n Roll spirit. Lets all stop  wanting to be carbon copies of other people and celebrate how magnificently different we are!

Its magnificent to be different

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