Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How Betty Pamper Manages The "Meh" Moments

Last week was a bit crap. A rather stressful business situation (thankfully since resolved) coupled with the entire family being full of colds and having to work on the end of year accounts whilst sorting out a really demanding photo shoot left me feeling as flat as a pancake.
Feeling "meh"

We all go through these stages I'm sure. Its not depression which is something else entirely its just a general malaise. A "meh" feeling. Summer is gone, Christmas is months away and the back to school purpose that early September always heralds has melted away.
I'm a great believer in "move a muscle, change a thought" so when I feel the black clouds gathering around my head I allow myself  a good day to wallow (no one can be Mary Poppins every day not even Mary Poppins who Im sure occasionally sat at home and ate a family pack of malteesers with a gin chaser) and then I take action. 
How I resolve my grey state of mind largely depends on what else is going on in my life but this is how I pushed through this recent episode of feeling uninspired and down.

Switched What I was Reading
Booky Wook Medicine

As a real book worm I get very caught up in whatever I'm reading and had recently been revisiting Anna Karenin which is actually quite desperate and sad.Russian suicide lit is not widely recogonised for its restorative qualities so Ive cast Tolstoy aside. Sometimes you need to just read something uplifting and creatively stimulating so Ive switched to Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block which is all sunshine and faded LA glamour, and wearing magical jeans made of goatskin and talking to Genies Perfectly distracting.

Made A New Playlist
I'm not someone who can put on an Abba track or Katrina and the waves "I'm walking on sunshine" and feel happier. My inner goth just finds obviously upbeat music a bit, well depressing I do however have a few tunes which are currently making me feel good.One of these is Laura by  Bat For Lashes.Mr Bee hates it  and it makes me swoon and float into the clouds.When I listen to this I want to waft around in a floor lenth dress with stars stuck to my eyebrows (and this dear readers is good)

Cut Out Caffeine

My emergency Stress Repair Kit
My stress levels were so high last week I was slightly wild eyed and jittery (like our kitten trying to catch a moth) To force myself off the ceiling I reduced my caffeine intake to just one cup of coffee a day and switched to some herbal tea. I also took a couple of kalms and brought myself a new scented candle to have on my desk and a chocolate skeleton. This little package was a little love letter to myself. Sometimes just going through the motions of caring for yourself can lift you out of the doldrums.It certainly worked for me.

Switched Off The Computer

Oh look something happened which didnt have a hash tag at the end of it

When I'm in a nark the last thing I need is to spend too much time on twitter/facebook/blogger. I actually need to clear everyone out of my head and just reconnect with the spooniverse. This week it was as simple as potting a few plants and taking the time to notice that the ivy on the front of BB Towers had turned red. Realising that autumn was doing its groovy thang reminded me that this too shall pass. And it did.

Got Real
Oi-It could be worse

Finally I gave myself a metaphorical slap around the face. My family are healthy, my friends are lovely and my cats are magnificent. The rest is just jam and much like jam can occasionally go mouldy so shouldn't be taken too seriously. This is not quite the same as "counting my blessings" which always makes me want to rebel as it sounds a bit holier than thou and is often used to make genuinely depressed people shut up, no 'getting real' is the punk rock version of counting your blessings. It acknowledges that your current situation sucks big fat hairy balls but offers a dash of perspective for you to ingest with your self pity pie.

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