Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Horror Gore On Halloween

Happy Halloween lovelies. May your trick or treat sacks be full of candy and if you are off to any spooky shindigs (midweek revelry I salute you) I hope its fangtabulous.

Horror Hotties Ahoy!
The Vintage Pamperbox had its first Horror Gore Hotties event  a few weeks ago and it seems fitting that on this the spookiest day of the calender I share all the pictures. 

Twenty one girls arrived at our venue in Liverpool and after workshopping various make up looks including Vampire, Zombies, Corpse bride, Clown and sugarskull were transformed into full on Horror hotties

Probably one of my favourite costumes of the day-a dark queen part Elphaba part evil queen from Snow White

Showing the lovely horror hotties how to draw on a sugarskull design
Ladies had come from far and wide carrying enough face paint to sink a ship, wigs, fake blood and a lot of fangs. They had been promised Horror gore and by Jove they were determined to get it.

This lady made being a creepy clown look really hot

Once they were settled we divided the class into two sections. The Sugar skulls, clowns and corpse brides were taught by my good self whilst Lilly Von Pink  taught the Vampires and the Zombies.

Geisha Corpse Bride

The ideas the girls came with were amazing. We had geisha inspired corpse brides, half face Green zombies with spider leg eyelashes, lady Madonna Sugarskulls  and some of the foxiest looking vampires Ive ever seen.

If Jerry Hall became a zombie she would look like this

I loved this interpretation of the Sugarskull-very Italian widow

Once the make up was completed we set to making their hair look equally fantastic. The whole idea was "more is more" so we had huge buns, massive victory rolls and a lot of backcombing.

How graceful does this Sugarskull look-just fabulous

Sexy and deadly

Having a liquid lunch

Once they were all looking horrifyingly gorgeous Mr Bee took some pin up inspired photographs of them. props included brains, guns, crucifix's and a lot of fake blood. In between snarling at the lens there was a lot of giggling because its impossible to keep a straight face when you are tottering in six inch heels, batting three sets of eyelashes whilst also being painted green.

Sassy, creepy, sexy-love this

This Zombie looks like she is going to really enjoy this meal
Let me eat your brains

Who knew a sugarskull could be so cute!

Fab loveheart mouth

This was definitely one of the most creative sugarskulls of the day

What was wonderful was how each woman interpreted their looks differently. They all put their own stamp on the make up which made for an amazing selection of Horror hotties.

Loving the crystals around this sugarskulls eyes

You can almost hear this vamps evil chuckle

I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of women to kick start this new package off with. They really got into the spirit of it and made it just one of the best pamper events Ive ever held. Horror Hotties I take off my (witches) hat to you.

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