Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween Has Arrived At Pamper Towers

Welcome to my spooky abode

Last week Baba was off school with a tummy bug and feeling rather sorry for herself. To keep her cheerful I decorated PamperTowers in all its Halloween finery. I  love to get the maximum millage out of all my spooky decorations which I have collected or made over the years.
This is Halloween

This old jam jar covered in tissue paper with a Victorian Halloween picture pasted on looks great when you put a tea light in it.I made it as part of a Halloween crafts afternoon I did with Baba last year.

I love to hang paper bats and bunting from the ceiling.I think if I could I would hang bunting up all year round It just screams celebration.

I made this skeleton themed fabric bunting. Its so easy and there are so many cool Halloween fabrics out at this time of year. For instructions see here

I'm holding a kids Halloween party this year so am always conscious that my Halloween decorations aren't too spooky. These pumpkins ghosts are so daft they hit just the right note.

How cute is Mr Pumpkinhead!

This is one of Babas favourite decorations because the bat has a heart shaped tummy.

Who knew Frankensteins Monster would smell so good?

My Frankenstein cinnamon spice room spray ensures everywhere smells gorgeous and the glittery spiders twinkle on my fireplace.

As a bit of a Tim Burton nut I couldn't resist when I saw this Nightmare before Christmas tree. I use it every Halloween.

My trusty Jack Skellington display

I love this sparkly purple skull. It lights up and flashes-very Disco for the dead

Ive brought these plastic skeletons to go in the party goody bags I'm making up but one escaped and dived into a teacup.
Oi let me out
Carving pumpkins is such a creatively satisfying thing to do especially with your kids. This year my daughter requested a "naughty Kitten" pumpkin.

This rubber cat drives our real cats mad. They just can't work out what it is and sniff and attack it all through the Halloween season. very entertaining.
The cat confuser

Edward Sissorhands is one of my favourite movies and my Edward figurine always gets dressed up for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. This year Baba Bee did the honours by impaling some Monster High dolls  heads on his blades.

I made these little stuffed decorations last year. they are perfect to hang from lampshades. For details of how to make them see here.

I try and inject some Halloween spirits into every room of the house and the kitchen is no different. Blow up ghosts and pumpkins float on top of the kitchen shelf.
Another hand carved pumpkin and a Trick or treat sign sits on top of the leopard print craft supplies  cupboard
Finally Mr Bee brought this vintage Monkey toy for my Horror Gore Frida Kahlo inspired photo shoot. Me and Baba hate it but it sure is spooky so for October it is staying out but after that Mr Monkey man is going to be hidden away.

Laugh it up Mr Monkey Man

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