Monday, 1 October 2012

Glam Vamp Make Up Tutorial

October is here and with it invites to Halloween parties and a great excuse (as if one was ever needed)  for some Gothic glamour.
Looking for some make up inspiration? How about an ultra foxy Vampire. Here is how to do It!
Let me drink your... diet coke
You will need:

  • Primer
  • Pale foundation
  • Green primer
  • White facepaint
  • Eyeshadow shades red, dark purple and black
  • Brown eyeshadow or matte bronzer
  • Black Liquid eyeliner
  • Black Kohl
  • Black mascara
  • Red cosmetic glitter
  • red lip liner and lipstick
  • Fangs

Step One
Put some primer on your face and once it has sunk in apply a pale foundation. I'm using a Bobbi Brown one.
Ooh a make up free Betty-that is scary

Step Two
Over the top of your pale foundation apply green concealer. I'm using Loreals Studio Secrets which is ideal as its in liquid form so glides on well.

Step Three
Dab white face paint over the primer (I'm using one by Smiffys) This will create an almost luminous colour as the green primer shines through it.

Step Four
Take either brown eyeshadow or dark bronzer and use it to create a hollow in your cheeks. take this up to the temple to give vampy definition.
Vampires need good cheekbones

Step Five
Take your red eyeshadow and sweep it across your eyelid right up to the brow bone.

Step Six
Take  your dark purple shade and use it in the creases of your eye sockets underneath your eyes and at the outer corners to create a "cat eye" effect.
Dark purple is applied along the socket line and smudged under the eyes

Step Seven
Use black eyeshadow to add further drama and sweep on at the outer corners and to the middle of the eye socket
Black eyeshadow applied over the top of the purple adds depth

Step Eight
Apply glitter eyeshadow in either red, blue or purple to your lid.
This look is all about a dramatic eye so glitter works really well

Step Nine
Use liquid eyeliner to line the lids and take this out quite far over the inner corners
No vamp look would be complete without liquid eyeliner

Step Ten
Use black kohl in your water line.

Step Eleven
Take a slanted brush and add dark eyeshadow to your eyebrows. Vamps brows should be strong and dramatic.

You can of course use eye pencil but I prefer using powder as it looks less drawn on.

Step Twelve
Apply two coats of mascara. I'm using Mabellines Colossal in blackest black.
Bat for lashes-see what I did there?

Step Thirteen
Apply false eyelashes. I always recommend that you bin the glue that comes with them and invest in some Duo instead. So much easier to use.
Flutter, flutter

Step Fourteen
Line and fill your lips with red liner.I'm using a felt tip pen style lip stain to do this as I find this less drying than pencil.
Big pouty lips-all the better to bite you with

Step Sixteen
Add lip gloss and cosmetic glitter to your lips. Your mouth is going to be the focus of attention once you put your fangs in so make it look as glam as possible.

Step Seventeen
Pop in some vampire fangs, dot some fake blood around your mouth and stick on a ball gown.Being a creature of the night never looked so good!

I crimped my hair and added hair pieces so it was a giant vampy beehive
Large gun optional but it does work well with my black high heels
I will have a bloody Mary

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