Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Getting Cosy In A Star Jumper by Simply Be

Brrr Autumn is here

Well theres no escaping it Autumn is definitely here. Its cold, its windy and my garden is full of Halloween decorations. When the weathers like this I want comfort and warmth but not at the expense of style.
I usually avoid the jumper like the plague but Ive made an exception for this one.
I love the idea of sloppy Joe style over sized jumpers but rarely wear them as they always make me feel a bit "lumpy' and even plain coloured ones can look a bit middle aged especially when they have a round collar. So I was chuffed to find this sweater by Simply Be which seems to navigate itself quite neatly into the cool jumper category.
I don't feel too lumpy in this sweater

The Jewel colours are perfect for this time of year and the slashed neck and great shape mean I feel cosy but not frumpy.I love the star design and purple arms. yet again they stop it feeling like I am all jumper which when you have big bangers is easy territory to slip into.
Just because I'm wearing something less fitted it doesn't mean I don't want to inject some glamour and my Vivienne Westwood croc bag is just the ticket.
My favourite Vivienne Westwood bag-making its return for Autumn
Ive coupled it with a skater skirt, some black leggings and to ensure I still feel edgy some leopard print creepers.
A cute little headscarf matches the pinky purple theme

Ive tied one of my fave rockabilly headscarf's around my head and have gone for pinky hues in my make up and lippy. I'm ready to face he blustery weather and feeling fabulous.

The Details
Jumper-Simply Be

Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.

Rachel's Wonders Rock & Roll Necklace Competition
To hep you channel a little bit of Rock n roll in your life the fabulous Rachels Wonders Jewellery are giving away this rather awesome Rock & Roll necklace.

To enter
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Join My "This Outfit Make Me Feel Fabulous "Project
If you enjoyed seeing my outfit I would love you to join my new project celebrating the amazing style of normal women.
Last week I asked people on my facebook page to attach pictures on my timeline of outfits which make them feel awesome and the response has been wonderful. I'm already blown away at how stylish they all look and would love to roll the idea out so it becomes a regular blog feature.Here is a vlog I filmed about this idea.

I can't do this alone so if you would like to be involved you can either attach a picture to my facebook time line or email me me a photo. Include a few lines about why you love the outfit and where it was from.

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