Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Getting Cosy In A Star Jumper by Simply Be

Brrr Autumn is here

Well theres no escaping it Autumn is definitely here. Its cold, its windy and my garden is full of Halloween decorations. When the weathers like this I want comfort and warmth but not at the expense of style.
I usually avoid the jumper like the plague but Ive made an exception for this one.
I love the idea of sloppy Joe style over sized jumpers but rarely wear them as they always make me feel a bit "lumpy' and even plain coloured ones can look a bit middle aged especially when they have a round collar. So I was chuffed to find this sweater by Simply Be which seems to navigate itself quite neatly into the cool jumper category.
I don't feel too lumpy in this sweater

The Jewel colours are perfect for this time of year and the slashed neck and great shape mean I feel cosy but not frumpy.I love the star design and purple arms. yet again they stop it feeling like I am all jumper which when you have big bangers is easy territory to slip into.
Just because I'm wearing something less fitted it doesn't mean I don't want to inject some glamour and my Vivienne Westwood croc bag is just the ticket.
My favourite Vivienne Westwood bag-making its return for Autumn
Ive coupled it with a skater skirt, some black leggings and to ensure I still feel edgy some leopard print creepers.
A cute little headscarf matches the pinky purple theme

Ive tied one of my fave rockabilly headscarf's around my head and have gone for pinky hues in my make up and lippy. I'm ready to face he blustery weather and feeling fabulous.

The Details
Jumper-Simply Be

Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.

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Join My "This Outfit Make Me Feel Fabulous "Project
If you enjoyed seeing my outfit I would love you to join my new project celebrating the amazing style of normal women.
Last week I asked people on my facebook page to attach pictures on my timeline of outfits which make them feel awesome and the response has been wonderful. I'm already blown away at how stylish they all look and would love to roll the idea out so it becomes a regular blog feature.Here is a vlog I filmed about this idea.

I can't do this alone so if you would like to be involved you can either attach a picture to my facebook time line or email me me a photo. Include a few lines about why you love the outfit and where it was from.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Horror Gore On Halloween

Happy Halloween lovelies. May your trick or treat sacks be full of candy and if you are off to any spooky shindigs (midweek revelry I salute you) I hope its fangtabulous.

Horror Hotties Ahoy!
The Vintage Pamperbox had its first Horror Gore Hotties event  a few weeks ago and it seems fitting that on this the spookiest day of the calender I share all the pictures. 

Twenty one girls arrived at our venue in Liverpool and after workshopping various make up looks including Vampire, Zombies, Corpse bride, Clown and sugarskull were transformed into full on Horror hotties

Probably one of my favourite costumes of the day-a dark queen part Elphaba part evil queen from Snow White

Showing the lovely horror hotties how to draw on a sugarskull design
Ladies had come from far and wide carrying enough face paint to sink a ship, wigs, fake blood and a lot of fangs. They had been promised Horror gore and by Jove they were determined to get it.

This lady made being a creepy clown look really hot

Once they were settled we divided the class into two sections. The Sugar skulls, clowns and corpse brides were taught by my good self whilst Lilly Von Pink  taught the Vampires and the Zombies.

Geisha Corpse Bride

The ideas the girls came with were amazing. We had geisha inspired corpse brides, half face Green zombies with spider leg eyelashes, lady Madonna Sugarskulls  and some of the foxiest looking vampires Ive ever seen.

If Jerry Hall became a zombie she would look like this

I loved this interpretation of the Sugarskull-very Italian widow

Once the make up was completed we set to making their hair look equally fantastic. The whole idea was "more is more" so we had huge buns, massive victory rolls and a lot of backcombing.

How graceful does this Sugarskull look-just fabulous

Sexy and deadly

Having a liquid lunch

Once they were all looking horrifyingly gorgeous Mr Bee took some pin up inspired photographs of them. props included brains, guns, crucifix's and a lot of fake blood. In between snarling at the lens there was a lot of giggling because its impossible to keep a straight face when you are tottering in six inch heels, batting three sets of eyelashes whilst also being painted green.

Sassy, creepy, sexy-love this

This Zombie looks like she is going to really enjoy this meal
Let me eat your brains

Who knew a sugarskull could be so cute!

Fab loveheart mouth

This was definitely one of the most creative sugarskulls of the day

What was wonderful was how each woman interpreted their looks differently. They all put their own stamp on the make up which made for an amazing selection of Horror hotties.

Loving the crystals around this sugarskulls eyes

You can almost hear this vamps evil chuckle

I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of women to kick start this new package off with. They really got into the spirit of it and made it just one of the best pamper events Ive ever held. Horror Hotties I take off my (witches) hat to you.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

Simply be launch Party

Outside the new Simply be store in the Arndale centre Manchester

I very rarely get the chance to attend blogger events as often they take place in London and as I'm North West based and the last train from London is at 9pm Ive yet to be invited to anything I can go to.
The Simply Be Store at the Arndale centre

So I was chuffed to be asked to go to the opening of the new Simply Be store at the Arndale centre in Manchester. The invitation promised champagne, goody bags and the chance to have a good look around the new shop (quite frankly they had me at free champagne)

Some rather fancy Gok underwear

I absolutely love Simply Be and own a lot of their clothes. Unlike some of their competition they seem to grasp that all curvy women want is exactly the same choice afforded to everyone else. I always die inside a little when I see other plus size companies bring out yet another collection of hideous tunic tops and trousers made of suspiciously flammable looking material. Simply be has bigger sizes of current trends and that is all we ask for.

Having my photo taken by Simply Be with fellow blogger A Thrifty Mrs
I need this satchel in my life
Now let the record show I'm not a massive fan of the Liverpool Simply Be store. Perhaps Ive always gone in on a bad day but its a long narrow shop with what appears to be the very worst of Simply Be's collection so always seems a little frumpy and to not reflect the online store at all. I was a bit worried the Arndale store would be the same but I'm delighted to report that its large and bright and packed to the rafters with very lovely clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.
It being October there were a lot of very beautiful dresses and some rather fantastic boots and bags too.
Perhaps its because I'm an old Goth but I love this
Coloured jeans-Lovely on others, not so sure about on me
ooh I already own this jumper

Its basically everything you can find in the online shop which is great news indeed and makes it well worth a trip to Manchester.
I'm very taken with this green Paddington Bear coat
Love this dress, its a bit of a Gothic nightie-perfect for me
As for the launch event that was rather fab too. I caught up with three of my favourite bloggers Rosie from A rose like this  (who also works at Vintage Life so we had a great chat about one of my fave mags)
Chatting with Rosie Roundface who was looking very cool in her swan print 

Rachel from A dress is for life (who had a handbag of such loveliness I considered wrestling it off her)
The fab Rachel (known as an Irregularholic on twitter) I love this girl

and El from A thriftymrs (who nearly convinced me I could pull off coloured jeans, nearly)
The very lovely Thrifty
The bloggers being photographed with Kym Marsh
Ive spent a  lot of time chatting to these girls on twitter and it was great to finally meet them in the flesh. They were as I had hoped all very, very lovely indeed and I hope to see them again soon.
Bloggers corner-all clutching our phones tweeting, instagraming and snapping away
Hanging with my fellow bloggers

I also caught up with the lovely Charlotte from Simply Be who Ive only ever know as "Simply Be's twitter lady" 
with Thrifty and Charlotte from Simply be who I discovered is in a Thrash metal band called Severed heaven!
Kym Marsh of Hearsay and Corrie fame opened the store (it was rumoured to have initially been Lisa Riley but as she is smashing Strictly at the moment her dance card is quite literally full)
Kym Marsh performing store opening duties
Kym was very sweet and so tiny she could easily have fitted into my leopard print handbag. She happily posed for lots of photos and seemed a very lovely lass.
Betty and Kym-surely that's a sitcom waiting to be made?

The champagne was plentiful and the goody bags were actually really nice with little notebooks in, perfume, sweeties and vouchers so all in all it was a rather splendid night.

Goody bag ahoy!
Baldy mannequin wearing a rather lovely frock


If you are in Manchester and looking for something to wear pop over to the new store its rather fine indeed.

Here is a little video I made as well.

Rachel's Wonders Rock & Roll Necklace Competition

To hep you channel a little bit of Rock n roll in your life the fabulous Rachels Wonders Jewellery are giving away this rather awesome Rock & Roll necklace.

To enter
The winner will be chosen by random number generator on Sunday the 4th of November 2012

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