Thursday, 13 September 2012

This Outfit Makes Me Feel Fabulous!

I absolutely love to see what other people are wearing. 
I follow tons of blogs which feature daily outfit posts and if I spy someone on my facebook feed who looks well put together its not unheard of me to lose a good ten minutes flicking through their photos. 
Whilst I do enjoy fashion magazine and style blogs, seeing an ordinary person who has put together an amazing outfit is so much more interesting and inspiring to me.
With this in mind a few days ago I asked people on my facebook page to attach pictures on my timeline of outfits which make them feel awesome and included a snap of a recent outfit I wore which made me feel particuarly fantastic.
At first no one took the bait but after a little prodding a few lovely ladies attached a photo, then another, then another. 
This is the outfit which makes me feel fabulous. The ice cream colours make me feel very girly and the dress is so flared I could camp under it on the beach like in the film the piano, Dress by Sohos, cardigan by Primark.

I'm already blown away at how awesome they all look and would love to roll the idea out so it becomes a regular blog feature.Here is a vlog I filmed yesterday about this idea.

I can't do this alone so if you would like to be involved you can either attach a picture to my facebook time line or email me me a photo. Include a few lines about why you love the outfit and where it was from.
I try not to use the term "real" woman as it is sometimes used to discuss body shape and weight in a way that is negative to slim gals and there is no room for that at BB Towers but I do think this would be a great opportunity to see some smokin style from chicks who simply love clothes and have developed a strong sense of personal style.
Women who have come to love and accept their body shape and wear what they like on their own terms.
Here are just a few examples of the beautiful women who have joined the party already.
This Outfit Makes Me Feel Fabulous

 This is the dress that makes me feel awesome. It's the 'Ava' green satin-y wrap dress from Pinup Girl Clothing I think the atomic green colour is fantastic and gives me a bit of oopmh! :)

My fab outfit was my Vanity Project dress by Limb wedding dress! Made me feel a million dollars (which would have come in quite handy in Vegas!) and the fit was perfect. 


 I made this dress a few weeks ago, because I wanted something that fitted & suited me! I drafted the pattern from scratch and used some lovely cotton fabric! The shoes were given to me for free


I felt absolutely fabulous rocking my plus size sexy lady shapes in my custom made Badly Behaved Betty dress on an evening of cocktails and dancing with friends :)


My Wiggle /Bandage dress with polka dot detail from Dorothy Perkins, a bargain and made me feel fab the night I wore it

Sophie Louise

This dress is from ChicStar, it makes me feel fabulous as it was a present from my four daughters on my 30th birthday and was the dress that made me rethink my entire wardrobe and start wearing retro styled clothing. This photo was taken at the jubilee weekend when I was in a local performance to celebrate

So there you have it. The start of what I'm hoping will be an ongoing celebration of women of all ages, shapes and sizes rockin what their mama gave them in their favourite outfits. 

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