Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The ‘Very Vintage’ Dress Challenge

I was approached by Marks and Spencers recently to take part in the "Very Vintage Dress Challenge"
This is a competition for bloggers with a chance to win a scrummy weekend break in London and all I have to do to enter is talk about a vintage frock in my own wardrobe which makes me feel "effortlessly stylish"
As a lover of vintage inspired clothes I have many, many reproduction dresses but being a plus sized princess have very few actual vintage pieces (what with rationing and not having Sky TV etc we all used to be much skinnier)
I do have one frock though which is "date unknown" and which  I refer to as the "Mystery Dress"
The Mystery Dress
I purchased this rather delicious swing dress  from the bay of the e a few years ago. The seller claimed it was from the 1950's and as its handmade it may well be. Certainly the zip looks vintage and the quality of the sewing is amazing.
The seller knew very little of it origins and when it arrived it was immaculate, obviously unworn and very, very beautiful.

Handmade in red Satin with a boned bodice
Made of a red satin type material with a boned bodice and a full circle skirt it fits me like a glove and Ive often wondered where it came from to be so immaculate and crisp.This is a dress which crys out to be worn.
My imagination has concocted everything from tragic cancelled prom dates (although the dress shows no sign of tear splashes) to a forgetful young girl leaving her dry cleaning on a tram. I will never know and that makes it even more delicious.
My imagination has concocted many a tale about the origins of this fabulous frock
Since owning this dress Ive ensured it has featured in many of my own memories.
Making cocktails behind my 1950's style bar *(which I made myself)  showing this dress a jolly good time
I wore it on Christmas day, its witnessed feather boas and tassel twirling at a Burlesque club and even featured in an article I wrote in the magazine Vintage Life. Its beginnings may be unknown but its present is a riot.
Celebrating Christmas in the loveliest dress in the wiorld
Maybe one day I will pass it onto my own daughter and it can start yet another story (she already has her eye on it)
Baba Bee already planning her own adventures in the Mystery dress

As part of the competition I was asked which dress from Marks and Spencers I think will stand the test of time. I was torn between a lace detail shift dress which I could easily see me rocking with a huge beehive and Amy Winehouse eyeliner but Ive decided this Contrast cuff shift dress is a bit of  a keeper.

This dress is a keeper-Photo from the Marks and Spencers website

Maybe its because its September and I'm all caught up with a back to school vibe but I'm slightly smitten with the 1960's primness of this. Some thick tights and a pair of Mary Jane's and I think it would look rather fine indeed.
I hope you have enjoyed the story of my "Mystery Dress" I hope even more I win the M and S competition (I think its unlikely I'm notoriously unlucky when it comes to this kind of thing, I have never even won a raffle)
Whats your favourite dress or piece of clothing with a bit of history?

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    1. A beautiful dress indeed, you look fabulous in it!.

      My favourite dress is my original 1950s wedding dress & matching bolero jacket. Bought from Hawaii, it took the long way to the UK and arrived with 3 weeks to spare. All the worry and heartache was absolutely worth it! :D x

      1. Wow that sounds amazing-I would love to see a picture, yes I bet you were biting your nails down to the quick with 3 weeks to go!

    2. Wow, amazing dress! I love you hypothesised history. Plus size vintage is very much like rocking horse poo, which makes it all the more special when we find it!! So well done!

      I recently found a vintage 60's mod style dress that I'm so excited to wear this Autumn it's standard issue brown lol! And has a chevron pattern, v cool indeed!

      Good look gorgeous, I hope you win x x x

      1. ha ha you are so correcct with the rocking horse poo analogy. I actually found it was much better in LA when I visited there once so perhaps America is where all the plus size vintage is hiding

    3. I love that dress, it is amazing. It is great how you are continuing the dress's story by passing on to your daughter when she is older. :)

    4. What a lovely story about the equally lovely red dress - which you wear so well.
      I've just spent an hour reading some of your posts - you're sooo funny ... GREAT BLOG :0) FAB PICS xxxx

      1. Thanks so much Chorley-what a truly fab thing to hear x

    5. You look gorgeous as always, and I also think that black dress is a good class. I think with another 4 weeks of the new series Mrs Biggs, the 60s will be a popular style for autumn. I can really see that black dress with a beehive... my beehive! ;)

    6. That dress reminds me of Vivien of Holloway, though undoubtedly nowhere as expensive! It's a beautiful colour, I love a bit of coca cola red in the wardrobe x

      1. yes it is rather VOH isnt it-and yes it was a fraction of the price


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