Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Return Of Dallas


If you are wondering why I'm holding up a pink cowboy hat its because tonight heralds the return of Dallas.
I'm sadly old enough to remember Dallas, the American soap based around the tale of the Ewing family from the first time round.

The original Dallas cast including Lucy aka the poison dwarf and Bobby Ewing, most famous for coming back to life after having a shower
As a little kid I was fascinated by the evil JR, the tragic Sue Ellen and the ever perky (and big breasted) Pamela, however I had all but forgotten about the series until whilst waiting to have my daughter six years ago  (and looking like Id swallowed a medicine ball) I discovered re-runs of it on UK Gold.
The last few weeks of my pregnancy were spent lying on a couch soaking up the campness and wondering not for the first time why anyone would want to live on Southfork (an uglier ranch you would struggle to find)

It reinvigorated my love of  the show especially Sue Ellen and I even dressed as her for a party a few years ago (although no one really knew who I was with my inch thick lip gloss and brandy)

Sue Ellen-A slut, a drunk and an unfit mother (according to panto baddie JR) and how I loved her
 Having watched the trailer for the new show I'm not sure if this relaunched series will have me as hooked as the original or as is the case with so many reworkings be a pale imitation. I do know that Sue Ellen is in it and for that alone I will be tuning in for the first episode, shoulder pads, tonged hair and stetson at the ready.Will you be joining me?

Dallas is on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.
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