Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How To Care For False Eyelashes

 The fabulous Lilly Von Pink who I run The Vintage Pamperbox with is here to show you how to take care of false eyelashes. Take it away scrumptious.

After a night out or a day on shoot the first thing to come off are my false eye lashes.I often leave them on the fire place or bedside table and a few times they have  fallen on the floor freaking meout  and Ive had my husband trying to catch what I thought was a spider (this has given him hours of amusement tormenting me)
Anyway back to the tutorial.Lashes are expensive so getting a few wears out of them is great and thrifty.Here is what you need to know.

You will need
A bowl of warm water with a little soap
Cotton buds
Hand Sanitiser
Lash glue
Storage box

Step 1: Start by placing your used lashes into a bowl of warm soapy water and leave to soak for a minute or so

Step 2: Remove a lash from the water and start by picking off the the old glue on the lash line try not to be to heavy handed.

Step 3: Using a cotton bub and some hand sanitiser and going with the direction of the lash hair wipe till your cotton buds are clear of mascara.

Step 4: I always keep the plastic tray from my lashes as I'm a bit sad and all I do is put a dot of glue on each side just to fix it back to the tray to let them dry and keep their shape.

Little tip keep your eye out for these handy lash storage boxes. Great for in your make up bag so you are only ever a moment away from huge fluttering eyelashes.

This method will ensure you get about five wears out of a pair of false eyelashes and also protect against eye irritation as you wont be putting lashes with old product back on your eyes.
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