Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Claire From Steps: I Salute You!!

Claire I will wear my own polka dot frock as a nod to your curvalicousness
Regular readers of my blog will know that last week I started a project over on my facebook page called "This outfit makes me feel fabulous"
It was call to arms for all my beautiful twitter and facebook friends to send me photos of themselves in an outfit which simply put makes them feel scrumptious.
My initial reasons for starting this were two fold. Firstly I'm a nosey begger, I love nothing more than to see what other people are wearing and get so much of my own style inspiration from the blogs and facebook feeds of non famous gals who are just rockin what there mama gave them.
Secondly I think its really important to remind ourselves on a daily basis what normal women look like, thin, fat, short, small, young old and rewire our brains to see how awesome diversity and uniqueness is.
Now I'm a great believer in fate and just as I started this little project a friend of mine tweeted about how sick she was of the Daily Mails treatment of the singer Claire Richards from Steps.
Against my better judgement I clicked through to see the article which had the following headline:

"She got it wrong again! Claire Richards arrives at the Prima High Street Awards wearing an unflattering polka dot dress"

 I refuse to attach the link (if you put that into google you will find it) but in a nutshell the article said that Claire was a bit of a fashion disaster. The subtext being that her size was part of the "problem"

The photos to illustrate the piece which I include here show a curvaceous woman who has obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure her make up and hair are perfect and who was wearing a dress I would be delighted to own in my wardrobe (in fact I own a variation of both frocks cited in the article)
This outfit was describes as "Dodgy Attire"

I don't know Claire, am not a huge fan of her music (although I have drunkenly danced to her version of Tragedy)  and I'm aware that she has publicly discussed her weight and made shows about it so it could be argued she opens herself up to this criticism but I'm afraid that just doesn't fly at BB Towers.
This is bullying. Pure and simple. 
We teach our children that bullying is unacceptable because we know it has such far reaching consequences and yet its played out daily in one of our national newspapers.
I can imagine Claire getting herself ready for her night out, looking in the mirror and thinking (rightly so) "I look really pretty", enjoying her awards ceremony, coming home happy then the next morning seeing the first text or tweet telling her to avoid reading the paper. Why? because they are saying you are a "fashion fail" How awful must this be?

Whilst this rather scrumptious swing dress was called a  "Voluminous fashion fail"

Now hang on for one cotton picking moment. The Daily Mail is apparently the most popular newspaper amongst women in the UK and has one of the biggest circulations in the country, but just the briefest glance at the infamous "side bar of shame" shows that its packed to the rafters with articles pointing out the perceived imperfections of woman.
And its not just women over a size 14 getting a bashing.This week there was even a snarky article about Kate Moss "enjoying her curves" because she was in a bikini with the gentlest rounded stomach, having probably just had her lunch.Kate Moss for gawds sake. Ive seen more meat on a butchers pencil.
So whats my point you may be asking? Well I'm not just going to type in an angry fashion about this (and yes I am stomping my pudgy little fingers) oh no in true Scarlet O'Hara style I am making a pledge and you my readers can act as my witness.
 I pledge to be the living,breathing antidote to this utter nonsense and I am  hoping you will all come along for the ride.
The Daily Mail can kiss my big fat ass
I'm going to keep asking all you wonderful followers to send me pictures of yourselves in all your normal, healthy glory enjoying clothes and wallowing in your own sense of identity and I will continue to post up pictures of myself at a weight and in clothes which would no doubt (should I ever reach the giddy heights) give the daily hate a field day.
I filmed a vlog entitled "My Big Fat Mantra" a while back and include it again, to remind myself, and anyone else who may be questioning their attractiveness and self worth based on this kind of poisonous clap trap that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages and what a fabulous world it is for that.

 Claire if you are reading this you look lovely. Keep on strutting your stuff and if you ever fancy passing on those "hideous" dresses I can surely make room for them in my wardrobe.

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  1. 100% agreed.

    The Daily Fail, how I hate thee. And the worst thing of all? The article mentioned was written by a woman… *boggles*

  2. Betty Bee I Love You. It's official x

  3. Newspapers are full of poop anyway, I never buy them. I thought Claire looked pretty good. That black dress would look perfect in my wardrobe! Lol x

  4. You go girl! 100% right- I would take home that black dress and wear it as much as possible!

    Thanks for the giveaway- follow you both!

  5. Very well said. I find their viewpoint frustrating, when women are judged only in terms of their appearance and frequently with unnecessary negative snarkiness.

  6. I think she looks amazing - really beautiful! As do you of course :) And I love her polka dot dress especially.

    The DM is a godawful hatemongering rag anyway - sod 'em.

    Nikki x

  7. I hate The Fail, it thrives on making women feel like they are never good enough! As for Claire she looks lovely, sure the black dress is a Viv of Holloway, I love it but I would have a halter neck which would no doubt make the Fail spew vitriolic vileness over their pages if I was Claire, probably mystified why i was wasn't wearing a burkha to disguise my fleshy abundance and "gasp" tattoos!!

  8. I refuse point blank to read gossip magazines. I think they are disgusting, immoral bullies who are poor excuses for journalists.

  9. Love this! saw it re-tweeted by the lovely lady in question. I am a fan of Claire, not her steps shiz (no negativity meant here, i do enjoy some of the songs....just not major fan or anything), but her honestly, lovelyness, NORMALNESS, funness etc AND I love this blog for saying a big eff u to Daily Mail and embracing curvy girls! I got married in a size 24 Vivien of Holloway dress and actually themed my wedding around it! Thank you for writing this! Xxx

  10. The daily mail is a vile, nasty little rag. In all their articles every woman is either to big or too slim ... I am yet to discover the ONE magical female who is 'just right' for their ludicrous ideas. Not to mention their weird attitude whereby working mums are failing their kids (rather than being role models) but of course stay-at-home mums are scroungers unless their husbands happen to be rich. Disgusting paper you are so right not to put any link to their rubbish on your blog.

  11. What a great post. Clare looks fabulous in both pictures. I just cannot bear the Daily Mail... thank you for not adding the link. Would love to know where her frocks are from...

  12. ***Applause*** to you and Claire, she looked beautiful.

  13. Claire looks gorgeous in both the dresses, as she does everytime I see her. I applaud her for her normality, and her honesty about the pressures of conforming to an unnatural view of perfection. Its time all this pressure to be a certain way stopped, its bullying, pure and simple.

  14. Very well said! I utterly loathe that newspaper (and all other tabloids) and they're just horrid- putting people down all the time! Great article!

  15. Betty Bee you are frigging fabulous! You are such an inspiration for women of all shapes and sizes out there to be proud of their bodies and their own little fashion flair! I absolutely loved both of her dresses, along with the gorgeous make up and hair too. Who ever wrote that article needs a bloody good slap!

  16. Go Betty Bee!!! I never read the Daily Mail, utter rubbish. I was once told I was too fat to do my job..... I work in a shop!... the manager told me I looked terrible behind the till :(
    It's fine for people to openly laugh at fat people! I know 'cos my OH is very large & it often happens. It needs to stop now! These people are bullies :( x

  17. I think Claire is a beautiful woman both at a size 8/10 and also at her current size. I was a size 8 once upon a time, then I went up to a size 20, I slimmed to a size 12/14 for my wedding in 2005 (by half starving myself for a year), but once the wedding was over and I had my son in 2009 I was up to a size 22. It is SO very difficult if you have been slim and then gain weight, people look openly shocked and say some really rude and hurtful things. Right now I don't feel fit and I am trying to concentrate on that rather than actual size.
    Thank you so much for highlighting things like this Betty, you are a big help in keeping me focused on what matters.
    ps I am looking for my 'fabulous feel good'dress. xxx

  18. Ditto to all the above....thanks Betty for saying what we all feel & Claire you look fab (loved your programme on your weight demons & your honesty) you look amazing & that vile paper has once again got it wrong, I'm sure the ahem 'lady' that wrote it looks absolutaley fabulous is everything she puts on therefore she, of course, has the right to judge everyone else NOT!
    Keep up the fab work Betty we girls of all sizes & all ages salute ya'
    Stay fab xx

  19. Betty, as always you rock our worlds championing female solidarity than hating on each other. Completely agree and how on earth can anyone say Claire looks less than Gwen Stefaniesque vintage gorgeousness. I feel a revolution coming on! Blowing a kiss to you Betty.xxx

  20. Why is it that racism, sexism,ageism and prejudice against the disabled and religious prejudice are all rightly not allowed. If someone is suffering from anorexia they are a victim. BUT if a woman dares to be curvily gorgeous she is a target, usually for another woman. It's time we "ladies" were kind to each other.
    By the way I love the black dress

  21. Claire has the presence and panache to carry these dresses off perfectly. I'm beginning to think the journo was just told to pick on someone and poor Claire got it :(

    I have only ever read the Daily Mail as online articles, they left me with a bad taste in my mouth 99% of the time.

    Betty, you are a remarkable lady for showing all of us that we ARE all gorgeous, I thank you for that :)

    I adore both those dresses and would love to have similar in my feeble wardrobe!

    Claire, wear what the hell YOU want, you always look fabby to me.

  22. EUGH. Daily Fail. Makes me cringe. I love C from Steps - she seems like such a lovely person when interviewed :D

  23. She looks gorgeous in both photos. I salute her for wearing whatever keeps her feeling great.

  24. Thank you for yet another brilliant blog post!!! I hate the Daily Mail for so many reasons. It's ignorant crap and gives me actual rage at the irresponsibility of it. Claire from Steps looks completely Stunning in both those images!!!! Absolutely gorgeous dresses! I'm enraged by this article...they're all like it tabloid papers & mags and I think they're damaging and degrading and highly unintellectual. Keep spreading that love of acceptance Miss Bee, we're behind you!!!!!!

  25. Love your video it's fab, I think you should do a workshop I would definitely attend, as someone who is plus size and has zero confidence the way the Daily Fail have belittled and bullied Claire is just disgusting and totally unnecessary. We need more lovely people like you Betty xxx

  26. She looks great! And so much better than she did back in the hey day of Steps. I'd have put added belt on the polka dot dress, red to match the shoes and high light how fantastic her curves are, and what great proportions she has, but that's me.
    The Daily Mail is the sort of paper you'd find funny if you didn't know that people actually read it in all seriousness!
    LKL x

  27. Great post BB ! It's about time the Body Fascism stopped. As you have often said its all about loving the skin you're in. I lost 9 stone and thought it would be the answer to all of my problems, it just created some more! I ended up putting the weight back on and now have lost some of it again, not through by trying I might add ...infact it was probably because I'd stopped trying. Clare looks fabulous, and that second dress looks to me like a viv of holloway one. Anyone who calls a VOH dress 'wrong' is obviously quite bonkers ! To both Claire and Betty Bee keep on keeping on.....

  28. Heaven forbid that the Daily Mail should have any news to report on. Apparently picking repeatedly on someone because they are no longer a size 8 is ok... And lets face it, they go on and on about her. Poor girl must have a complex, which is completely unfair because she actually looks rather nice. I think she's rocking the swing dress and have a navy and white polka dot dress myself which I will wear with pride to work tomorrow in her honour. May I ask you to keep up the positivity, it's a joy to read.

  29. Excellent post BB, thank you for taking a stand. I loathe the garbage that the DM churns out and I find myself physically unable to read their grubby little rag. I love both these dresses and think Claire looks stylish and sexy in both!

  30. Couldn't agree more. Horrible little leaches!
    And I have got to find me a black dress like Claire's. It's stunning!

  31. Thankyou all so much for being so supportive and lovely-you are the wind beneath my kitten heals xx

  32. Your rocking this. Amazing read. Loved it.

  33. claire is beautiful as are you, wish I could be as comfortable in my skin xx


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