Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Claire From Steps: I Salute You!!

Claire I will wear my own polka dot frock as a nod to your curvalicousness
Regular readers of my blog will know that last week I started a project over on my facebook page called "This outfit makes me feel fabulous"
It was call to arms for all my beautiful twitter and facebook friends to send me photos of themselves in an outfit which simply put makes them feel scrumptious.
My initial reasons for starting this were two fold. Firstly I'm a nosey begger, I love nothing more than to see what other people are wearing and get so much of my own style inspiration from the blogs and facebook feeds of non famous gals who are just rockin what there mama gave them.
Secondly I think its really important to remind ourselves on a daily basis what normal women look like, thin, fat, short, small, young old and rewire our brains to see how awesome diversity and uniqueness is.
Now I'm a great believer in fate and just as I started this little project a friend of mine tweeted about how sick she was of the Daily Mails treatment of the singer Claire Richards from Steps.
Against my better judgement I clicked through to see the article which had the following headline:

"She got it wrong again! Claire Richards arrives at the Prima High Street Awards wearing an unflattering polka dot dress"

 I refuse to attach the link (if you put that into google you will find it) but in a nutshell the article said that Claire was a bit of a fashion disaster. The subtext being that her size was part of the "problem"

The photos to illustrate the piece which I include here show a curvaceous woman who has obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure her make up and hair are perfect and who was wearing a dress I would be delighted to own in my wardrobe (in fact I own a variation of both frocks cited in the article)
This outfit was describes as "Dodgy Attire"

I don't know Claire, am not a huge fan of her music (although I have drunkenly danced to her version of Tragedy)  and I'm aware that she has publicly discussed her weight and made shows about it so it could be argued she opens herself up to this criticism but I'm afraid that just doesn't fly at BB Towers.
This is bullying. Pure and simple. 
We teach our children that bullying is unacceptable because we know it has such far reaching consequences and yet its played out daily in one of our national newspapers.
I can imagine Claire getting herself ready for her night out, looking in the mirror and thinking (rightly so) "I look really pretty", enjoying her awards ceremony, coming home happy then the next morning seeing the first text or tweet telling her to avoid reading the paper. Why? because they are saying you are a "fashion fail" How awful must this be?

Whilst this rather scrumptious swing dress was called a  "Voluminous fashion fail"

Now hang on for one cotton picking moment. The Daily Mail is apparently the most popular newspaper amongst women in the UK and has one of the biggest circulations in the country, but just the briefest glance at the infamous "side bar of shame" shows that its packed to the rafters with articles pointing out the perceived imperfections of woman.
And its not just women over a size 14 getting a bashing.This week there was even a snarky article about Kate Moss "enjoying her curves" because she was in a bikini with the gentlest rounded stomach, having probably just had her lunch.Kate Moss for gawds sake. Ive seen more meat on a butchers pencil.
So whats my point you may be asking? Well I'm not just going to type in an angry fashion about this (and yes I am stomping my pudgy little fingers) oh no in true Scarlet O'Hara style I am making a pledge and you my readers can act as my witness.
 I pledge to be the living,breathing antidote to this utter nonsense and I am  hoping you will all come along for the ride.
The Daily Mail can kiss my big fat ass
I'm going to keep asking all you wonderful followers to send me pictures of yourselves in all your normal, healthy glory enjoying clothes and wallowing in your own sense of identity and I will continue to post up pictures of myself at a weight and in clothes which would no doubt (should I ever reach the giddy heights) give the daily hate a field day.
I filmed a vlog entitled "My Big Fat Mantra" a while back and include it again, to remind myself, and anyone else who may be questioning their attractiveness and self worth based on this kind of poisonous clap trap that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages and what a fabulous world it is for that.

 Claire if you are reading this you look lovely. Keep on strutting your stuff and if you ever fancy passing on those "hideous" dresses I can surely make room for them in my wardrobe.

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