Monday, 10 September 2012

Aldi Make Up: Could it possibly be any good?

Putting Aldi's make up through its paces
Those of you who read my blog will know that as much as I enjoy buying sparkly baubles and all things glam I do have a fairly well developed thrifty side which has largely been honed by being self employed and often not knowing where the next pay cheque will come from (for posts on how I save money at BB Towers takes a look here)
I'm not a value brand snob in any sense and my make up bag positively heaves with inexpensive booty from the likes of  Barry M and Beauty UK but I have to admit Ive never really ventured into the world of Supermarket make up.
All this changed recently when I found myself drawn to the  "Lacura" range of make up in the new Aldi store which has opened up in West Kirby.
I'm not sure if it was the rather lovely packaging (which looks anything but budget) but I decided to chuck a concealer pen and a powder compact into my basket and give them a whirl.
Here's a quick vlog about what I thought of the quality and performance of the make up.
Having trouble viewing this embeded version-watch on Youtube
And for those of you who can't view videos here is the photo version.

The Lacura Concealer Pen by Aldi
The concealer was £3.59 and is  a rather lovely looking item reminiscent of some other big brand concealer pens like touche eclat or Mister magic. It claims to be suitable for rosy complexions and to have light reflecting micro pigments. I couldn't see any real evidence of this but the colour and coverage was very nice regardless.
A great little product for skin brightening.

Its a light to medium coverage so perfect for some skin brightening and for under your eyes. I wouldn't use this if I was looking particularly tired or had a big spot but for a general concealer it was really rather good.
Light to medium coverage so no good for skin emergency's but performs well as a general concealer
It had a nice consistency and was quite creamy (although not moisturising as it claimed) and I did need to use a bit of moisturiser under my eyes before I applied it.I was definitely impressed. Ive used it quite a few times and for under a fiver I think its quite hard to beat for price and quality.
Impressive results for under a fiver!
The second items I tried was a Powder compact which was £2.39.
The Lacura Powder Compact-a rather expensive looking item for the price of a cup of coffee
The compact itself is yet again a very nice looking item. It feels quite chunky in a silver colour and has a mirror and sponge inside.
The compact has a mirror and sponge inside
You certainly wouldn't feel embarrassed getting this out of your bag in public. This is just a straight forward translucent powder. The texture is quite fine and it didn't look talcy which some of the cheaper face powders can do.
A nice finish which isn't"talcy"
In terms of how often it needing reapplying it was on a par with other budget brands so I needed to use it again after about an hour. I think this compact would be a great back up item to have in your car or work drawer. It doesn't give me the dewy finish of some of the more high end products in my make up kit but for a quick touch up its absolutely brilliant.
Perfect to keep in your drawer at work or in the car for when you need to powder your nose.
Overall I think these two products are really very good and I would definitely be happy to buy some of their other products next time I am shopping there.
Strangely I was telling my friend Lena about this the other day (I know I'm a riveting companion aren't I) and she confessed that her favourite perfume was by Aldi, I had a sniff and it was indeed yummy. So need a make up fix or run out of perfume and its ages until payday-head to Aldi, it doesn't just sell cheese and pate!
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    1. We've recently had an Aldi open near us and amongst other general bargains I've tried their moisturiser (fab) and the lipstick. I'm a total convert to some of the cheaper brands having tried MUA on your recommendation. I really like the Aldi lipstick and you're right, the packaging is not at all cheap looking. I get on well with their hairspray too. Thanks for the tips :)

      1. ooh thats good to know. Think I will try their lippy next. Someone told me today that their face cream is made by Roc-might explain the quality

    2. Aldi is against animal testing so from what I can gather the lacura items are not tested on animals. I will definitely give these two items a go if I can find them in our Aldi xx

      1. Thats great to know Jennie-especially as Ive been so impressed with these products xx

    3. I'll definitely be having a look.
      Also, you look extra pretty in today's post - Aldi should use your pics to sell their wares!

      1. Thanks Mrs S-and all for a fiver! someone told me today that Aldi facecream is made by Roc-not sure if thats true but i want to beleive ha ha

    4. I discovered the magic of Aldi beauty products a while back when everyone was raving about their night / day creams which I still use every day, I love it. I slowly worked my way through their make up range each time I went in there for my shopping. Can I also recommend their HAIR DYE ? I'm currently a fabulous shade of red thanks to their one & only shade of red hair dye. When a new tray of the hair dye is opened it only ever has ONE box of red in it for some strange reason ... so I grab one every time I'm in there if it's available. Over the years I've tried so many brands / shades AND prices but my all time favourite has to be Aldi's. It's around £2.39 at the moment & lasts a full 6 weeks without fading taking into consideration that my hair is washed EVERY morning that's pretty good going don't you think ? Three cheers for Aldi ! Hip Hip !!!!!!!

    5. Hiya.does.anyone.know.if the products contain animal I am vegan thanx.x


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