Monday, 27 August 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Shamballa Bracelet

Its pink, it sparkles I love it!
Regular readers of my blog will know I love jewellery especially anything sparkly.I'm a proper magpie. 
So when Cutey  sent me two of their Shamballa bracelets to review I admit I did do a little dance. 
I already had a bit of a yearning for one of these beautiful Buddhist inspired bracelets. (they have been around for a while and adorned the wrist of lots of celebrities) but the ones I had seen were quite expensive, however these by Cutey are only £18.99.That's a whole lot of pretty for under twenty quid!
The Thinker-planning what to have for my dinner probably
They arrived just before I attended the wedding of a friend of mine which was held at the fabulous Chillington Hall
Chillington Hall is a real gem of a country house, with grounds designed by Capability Brown and room upon room stuffed to the rafters with beautiful antiques, chandeliers and even a real leopard skin rug!
Whilst obviously feeling very sad for the poor old leopard I couldn't resist some pics with it (its not every day you get the chance to drape yourself with the skin of  a big cat)
Baba Bee, Mama Bee and the poor leopard-Grr
There is something about being in such grand surroundings which inspired both me and my daughter to become rather camp and as you can see by these pictures we indulged in some serious voguing.
Baba Bee as Lady of the Manor
I did feel a little bit like I had been caught with my hand in the biscuit tin when one of the staff walked in to find me draped on a chaise wearing the rug as a dress but they have obviously seen it all before and didn't miss a beat.
Just hanging out with my new friend

Anyway back to the bracelet review,Baba Bee also fell in love with the Shamballa bracelets so we both wore them for the big day. At  one point she rather craftily took mine off my wrist while I was talking to someone and wore both of them-the magpie doesn't fly far from the tree.
Baba Bee playing Angry Birds with both the bracelets on.

To be honest mine hasn't left my wrist since. Its so sparkly and lovely and looks quite substantial and yes super twinkly.I didn't expect to love it as much as I do.I'm thinking of buying a few more to create a wrist full of them. I will be rattling like a cutlery drawer!

Cutey Shamballa Bracelet Giveaway

You can buy the bracelets in all kinds of colour combinations at Cutey and I have a beautiful blue one to give away!

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    1. I love these bracelets! I bought one for my mum, for her birthday :)

      Following through GFC - Danni
      and following on twitter - @fearless_loves


    2. I love the Lady of the manor shot. Does she have hot pink DMs with a party dress?! Fabulous!

    3. I have to say, the bracelets are cute, but not as cute as your little Bee lol, how did you get her to keep her bow in her hair, my daughter always ditched hers after 5 minutes haha.

    4. Love the voguing. Looks like you had a great time. The bracelets are super gorgeous. :)

    5. The bracelets are simply adorable! You were lucky to be at the beautiful wedding venue! Just from your pictures I want to go there and I'm in the USA!

    6. fab bracelets! I started following Cutey the other day on Twitter and I can't believe how cheap they are compared to other sites.
      Love the wedding photos, I'm going to one next week, hope it's half as much fun!
      Kirsten x
      ps already a blog follower

    7. What beautiful bracelets!!!
      I'm following you and Cutey!!
      libbytudor AT optushome DOT com DOT au

      ps - love your pink lippy!

    8. It looks like you had so much fun taking photos in the country house :)
      I think we all love a bit of sparkle and I don't blame your daughter for pinching yours and wearing two!

    9. I love the photos. Little Bee is adorable!

    10. I could do with a new blue shiney.... I love the leopard rug and Mini B's fab boots :)

    11. Gorgeous! I'm a magpie through and through and my daughters are fast following! Even tho my youngest is only 10 months! My eldest daughter would have nicked the bracelets off me too!
      Following you Horton dot Joanna at yahoo dot com.
      Following cutey on twitter.

    12. Wow! I have spent the last week looking at these shamballa bracelets! The blue ones as well as duck egg blue is my fav colour!! These ones look a nice quality!

    13. ooh pretty bracelet. :-) totally following cutesy now and ofcourse been following you. xx

    14. Lol! I love the fact you got caught draped in the leopard skin and the staff didn't batter an eye lid!!

    15. Love the photos - looks very glamorous & fun! Bracelets are pretty sparkly too!! ;0)

    16. what a beautiful bracelet - very sparkly. Lovely photos too - I particularly love the one with the leopard skin!

    17. The bracelets are beautiful!! Hope i finally win a giveaway!! heehee

    18. I did all the steps. thanks for the giveaway. love the bracelets!

      mwong241 (at) gmail (dot) com

    19. Please count me in for the bracelet competition! I've followed all the steps.

    20. The winner chosen by Random number generator is Mrs Magpie. Pleae pm me your address and I will send your bracelet to you


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