Sunday, 5 August 2012

Things Betty Pamper Has Learnt

There is a common notion that one of the few benefits of growing older is that you become wiser.

 I'm not sure I entirely buy into this as sometimes my six year old daughter makes an observation so unclouded by social conditioning, which gets straight to the heart of the matter so swiftly it takes my breath away (sure this is sometimes along the lines of "blue eyeshadow mummy? really? but even so) 
By the same token some of the most bigoted ignorant people Ive ever had the misfortune to come into contact with have often been nearer to the winter of their lives than donning a bikini.
That's not to say that experience is to be sniffed at. I think I have amassed some pearls along the way and perhaps as a blogger its my duty to share them-so here goes.
  • If an outfit only looks good in a changing room when you stand on your tip toes, hold your stomach in and pin your hair up in a bizarre top knot which you would never actually wear in real life  it actually looks shit and you shouldn't buy it.
With spanx and a belt? yes?

Handbags are not really an investment. This is just something we tell ourselves to justify spending a months rent on something we are going to chuck bus tickets and sanity pads into. If you like it and can afford it- buy it, but ladies lets all stop acting as if buying the latest arm candy is on a par with owning a Picasso or the Taylor/Burton diamond. 

Its an Investment dahlink
    It doesn't taste as good as full fat.By all means buy "diet" versions of full fat food. However it will taste like skimmed milk, regardless of what it is (margarine, cereal, beer) it all tastes like skimmed milk. Week, inoffensive, ultimately unsatisfying. I think all "diet" versions of food should be branded as "tastes a bit crap but may help you lose five pounds which you will instantly put back on when you go on holiday"

  • Being "brutally honest' with someone is very rarely a blow for integrity and is usually you being a bit of a cock. People rarely thank you for it and the damage can last for years. Being truthful and open is always the ideal but sometimes things don't actually need saying and certainly don't need saying in a take no prisoners kind of way. You are not on eastenders, you are not Kat Slater, sometimes silence is golden.

  • "challenging" friends are not usually good friends. They are usually just a bit toxic ad you should bin them.This is not Sex and the city, your strident overbearing mate is not Miranda.If you spend 80% of a friendship giving Paxman a run for his money in the debating stakes  chances are this "friend" doesn't really like you very much.
Oh shut it!
Cut and run. You will meet people who make you laugh until a bit of wee comes out and who will cater your child's birthday party when your father dies and you are too shell shocked to handle it. Make room for these wondrous creatures by giving the stroppy one the boot.

What have you learnt along the way?

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