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The Blue Haired Bakers Guide To Holidaywear

Whilst packing for my holiday I picked the brians of the very lovely Sarah Rickard aka the Bluehaired baker who runs Kiss and Bake up, without doubt the UKs most creative bakery. 
Sarah has just returned from her honeymoon and is perfectly placed to offer us all some advice on what to take on holiday-Take it away Sarah!
The holiday wardrobe- something I didn't completely consider until only a few weeks before my honeymoon, for no reason other than being distracted by the wedding! But once I've started considering this, I realised that I would need to wrangle my body image concerns in favour of health and temperature management while in Orlando, where the weather at that time was going from an incredibly humid 85F and higher!
 I prepared as best I could simply by running around town picking up a lot of light stuff and an extra pair of shorts, but I could easily have left half of my packing behind!
Some things to consider
 If you're traveling from the UK to somewhere hot, you're going to want some smarts for the journey. Consider a summer dress with leggings, a small jacket or cardigan and pumps or flip flops- the heat will blast you hard when you get off at the other side, so leave your fella at luggage collection, nip to the ladies, whip off your cardigan and leggings, stuff them in your luggage and you're ready to go!

Consider heat versus air conditioning. While walking in from the heat can bring an instant sigh of relief no matter how little you're wearing, you may soon get chilly! A small emergency cardigan that can be rolled up and stuffed into your handbag or a pocket of your camera bag is perfect for such occasions- shivering through meals, shows and films is no fun at all!

In atmospheres like Orlando, through our summer season they experience storms and regular rain for short periods most days- it is not fun to be caught in! Save yourself dollars for obscenely priced park waterproof jackets and grab some over here to stuff in your bags, you will be seriously grateful!
Also, I suffered badly with my feet in these downpours. If your shoes rub remotely, be aware that walking or running with wet feet can have effects, and spending the next few days trying to keep blisters and flipflop rub comfortable while on your feet enjoying your holiday will not contribute towards the memories!

Wobbly bits
If you're usually a skinny jeans and capped sleeves lady you may have to take on board a slightly different style while abroad in a hot environment. Sure, the locals wear em still, but you may not be acclimatised yet.

Make peace with that situation now, and begin tweaking your style to incorporate shorts, mini dresses, sleeveless pieces and thin pieces. Do a good few shop abouts, and embrace combinations that you feel comfortable and happy in. If you find yourself self-conscious while you're out there, you won't be comfortable having photographs taken, or let your hair down properly which you deserve to on your holiday!
We are currently in an era where high waisted shorts are a blessing, where floating thin sleeveless shirts can be knotted and belly still be hidden, with a shape that flatters a leg even with no heels on! There are plenty of leopard and exotic florals out there in summer cuts and playsuits in many high street shops and can be found cheaply, Primark is overflowing with them, and with comfortable thin holiday wear to!

A lot of holiday wear is low cut, low arm festival style wear, and a lot of it is transparent, but this shouldn't be a reason to compromise on an item of clothing that you are otherwise in love with! Pick up a few bandeau tops to wear under them, they are cheap and very stretchy. I'm a large breasted lady but I found a New Look large size, once wrestled into, is pretty much spot on for covering my bra so I can comfortably wear those cuts without flashing my bra, and staying cool with flimsy light tops at the same time.

And lastly, make up and hair. I found after experimenting over the first few days that I couldn't bare my hair down, it was simply too hot. I was most comfortable with pig tails laid down the straps of whatever I was wearing so leaving my exposed skin bare to a good breeze, or pony tails.
 I did spot Brits out in Orlando with their hair down, they may have been comfortable, but this was simply my discovery, pack plenty of pins and bands to keep your fringe off your forehead and hair off your neck! Don't forget to suncream partings if you're not wearing a hat or discover the wrath of sunburn on your noggin, and later some seriously interesting flaking in your hair! Experiment with make up, I found that I could wear full slap quite happily with my good waterproof eyeliner and mascara and powdering my foundation to keep it in place. I didn't experience any sliding at all! Pack some cleansing wipes just in case you get caught in rain or you do experience some smudging that you need to tidy up!
Most of all, have a tremendously wonderful holiday and reward your hard work in wardrobe compromising with some posed shots out there to work your holiday glamour on facebook when you return!
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