Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lilly's Minnie Mouse Nail Tutorial

Hey its Lilly Von Pink here.I’m back with another nail tutorial in honour of Betty Bee's trip to Disney land I thought I’d do something fitting.
You will need:
A Red, Black and  White nail polish
A dotting tool or as I’m using the end of a disposable mascara wand
A tooth pick
Something to dot some polish on I’m using a plastic wrapper

Start as always with clean manicured nails removing all old polish and push back cuticles

Step 1: Start by using your white polish and paint one nail you would like to be the accent nail I choose my wedding ring finger to draw attention to my sparkles (rings)

Step 2: Using you red paint the remaining 4 nails as you normally would.

Step 3: Once the nail polish has dried use you white polish and doting tool to create the polka dots on all the red nails

Step 4: Time to Minnie mouse using the same technique as before (dip and Dot) place some black dots onto you white nail remember to space them more than before so you have space for the ears.

 Like so x

Step 5: Once you have positioned the entire black dot with will be Minnies face time to add the ears with more dots.

Step 6: now to finish take you tooth pick to dip in the red polish to create Minnies bows

Step 7: Apply top coat and enjoy xx

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