Friday, 24 August 2012

Glitter Hearts Nail Polish: So Pretty Its Hurts

Whilst I was on holiday in the US recently I indulged one of my favourite pastimes when abroad which is checking out the large drug stores to see what make up and nail varnish they have. I picked up a really cute nail polish which I just couldn't resist.

its an Nicole by OPI one which is part of a Khardashian range. Its called Love in your life and is a pink confection of hearts and glitter. I love OPI nail varnish, I love hearts and glitter so it was a no brainer.
Now I'm not as much as a nail whizz as Lily Von Pink but I am OK at applying nail varnish and doing a little bit of nail art and the thought of having hearts on my nails made me quite giddy.

I tried this polish out on its own and the impact of the sparkle wasn't as strong as I wanted and applying the hearts with the brush meant on some nails I had loads and on others I only had a few. After a few goes I settled on using a cocktail stick to fish the hearts out with to ensure I could have an even amount of hearts on each nail (this sounds much fiddlier than it actually is)
I decided to try it over another colour to try and make the glitter heart effect really stand out and this is how it turned out.

My sparkle kit is ready

Step One
I started with clean fairly short nails (my holiday shellac has left them a little week so Ive given them the chop) I applied some base coat.
Prepare to be be glittery

Step Two
I then painted my nails a bright pink using one of the neon colours by Milani. (I think you can only get this in the states but Rimmel do a similar one)

Pink to make the boys wink

Step Three

I applied two coats of the glitter so they would look super sparkly.
All that glitters..

Step Four
Using a cocktail stick I placed one heart on each nail. It has enough nail varnish on it to stick so I just pressed the sides down so they don't snag once dry.
Poking a heart with a cocktail stick-there is a song in there somewhere

Step Five
Am loving my sparkly heart nails. I'm going to try this look over black nail varnish as think that would look quite lovely too. You can buy this nail varnish in the UK from Beautybay for £9 and Ive also seen it on ebay.

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