Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Florida OOTD

Well howdy partners from a very hot Florida.The weather here is just roasting and as its hurricane season punctuated with dramatic storms (which to be honest are a blessed relief from the heat) Here is what I wore for  a day at the Hollywood studios.
I would usually cinch in this dress but am forgoing the pretence of a waist for comfort today
Ive been here before so knew in advance what to pack and today I'm wearing one of my favourite summer dresses. Its an oldie but a goldie that I picked up from the bay of the e many years ago. Its slightly too big and when I wear it in the UK I always clinch it in with a belt and wear a cardigan knotted at the waist as it is a bit shapeless, however in this climate its a dream. 
Glasses and Moustache necklace
I'm wearing it with a new necklace I picked up from the Accessorise franchise at the airport. its a pair of glasses attached to a moustache. I love it.
The best moustache necklaces are made by my bessie Lilly Von Pink  (Imelda May even wears one doncha know) but some how Ive not got one, despite dropping some serious hints. Shes rather selfishly been too busy having a baby, ignoring my jewellery needs-I'm demanding one for Christmas.

Anyway back to my outfit and I'm showing off my new handbag which was another airport purchase. its by Juicy Couture and its so beautiful I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post to it but here it is looking magnificent even next to a rather faded dress.
New handbag love
My hair is worn in my usual go to holiday style which is what a call a "west kirby facelift" pulled off my face with a bun on top. Ive not victory rolled or quiffed my fringe as I know from past experience that hours queueing for rides tend to make my hairspray sweat down my face and go into my eyes (ouch) so Ive just slicked it to one side. To protect my head from sunburn Ive reversed one of my fave day of the dead head scarfs from Diablo Jo who makes the best rockabilly inspired accesories.
A cute headscarf protects my head from the sun
You would think with it being tropical I would be wearing a lot less make up. However that's not really the case. I'm just using a lot more primer to stop it sliding down my face.I tried one day almost barefaced when we went to a mall (just a slick of lipgloss and powder) and quite frankly felt like a right old sweaty cheeseface and it made me feel grumpy. I need my slap.
Ive recently treated myself to some Mac Studiofix powder and Urban Decays Primer potion  and they have both been life savers on this trip. The powder particularly has been amazing. Talk about shine killer. Its barely needed touching up even when I have been sweltering.My eyeshadow is from the MUA undressed  palette, my blush from beauty UK with High beam by benefit on the cheekbones.My lipstick is Papaya punch by Sleek.
In the heat its all about the primer baby

As I'm on hols I haven't brought all the adaptors for my laptop so these pics have been taken on my i-phone in my hotel room and I realise they are a bit pants but hey you get the gist.

The Details
handbag-Juicy Couture

Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.
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