Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Britains Got Talent And So Have You

. Look how masterfully I lounge drinking tea
Recently I was chatting to a lovely girl who casually mentioned that she has never particularly excelled at anything and cheerfully stated she had "no particular talent"
Not knowing her well enough to comment I let this pass without contradiction but it troubled me and later on when I thought about it I realised why-It simply wasn't true, because everybody has talents.
We are all so driven nowadays to excel visibly, be the prettiest, the cleverest, the richest. The problem is for a large percentage of people who perhaps don't speak five languages, have a law degree and the ability to bake the perfect croquembouches its easy to decide you have no real talents to shout about, but its important to remember that life isn't all about having the best bragging rights at a dinner party. Some talents are less easily defined but so precious they are priceless.
My supermarket outfit choices also bring joy to strangers-or it could be mirth, regardless its a talent
The ability to make others feel comfortable whatever the situation, the sensitivity to know when to check in with a friend going through a bad time,the capacity to lighten the mood and bring out laughter even when things are bleak, all of these are talents.
We've all met these people, if you are really lucky you may have one or two in your life. They give off a glow like the kid in the old Ready Brek adverts. They radiate well being and while you are in their company you feel happier. They may be your port of call when the shit hits the fan or just be the man who sells you your paper who always makes you feel like you have made his day simply by walking into his shop. These people live life well and that's one hell of a talent.
So if you are someone who wonders what your special skill is maybe its as simple as having the knack  to make any space (even a work cubicle) feel like home, it could be your compassion for animals or your flair for putting together great outfits on a budget.
These very real attributes are important and in the long run may touch more peoples lives than a qualification ever could (I like to think my outfit choices cheer up the great and the good of West Kirby)
My biggest talent-the ability to give great big cuddles
So sure strive to be the best you can be and if this includes training, education and letters after your name be proud, but if this isn't your path never feel you have no talent or special skills, you have stacks.
My special skill? I would like to think its my enthusiasm for new experiences, my daughter says its "giving cuddles" I'm happy with that.

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