Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Betty Pamper's August Lovings

Whats been rocking my world this August!
A little video showing you what products and thingamabobs I'm aliking this month. Now before you watch I must point out that I used a new MUA kohl under my eyes and as I filmed it slid down my face making me look like a panda. Ever the consummate professional rather than refilm Ive decided to leave it in for the comedy value. That's one product which wont be making a favourites list-grrr.

having trouble viewing this embeded video-watch on Youtube

And for those of you who can't view videos here is the analogue version x

Bella Bunny pendent-Accessorize £5

Bright eyes burning like fire

This teeny tiny Bunny necklace is super cute and lovely for when I want to keep my jewellery low key (I understand that a gold rabbit may not be your idea of low key but this is me we are talking about) I always want to sing "Bright eyes" when I'm wearing it.

Black Silicon Rhinestone Skull Watch Torrid  $19.50
A jewel encrusted skull watch-ooh yes please

I was quite excited to visit the Torrid store when I was in America recently. Any shop catering for plus sizes is always a cause for celebration in my world. I have to say I found the clothes a little disappointing, I'm not sure if something got lost in the US/UK translation but it all looked a little bit flammable and tent like. The underwear was fabulous though (and if I'd had more time I would have definitely tried some on) as were the accessories.

Tick tock

I picked up this watch as I love anything with skulls on and I like that it has a rubber strap. I'm never very lucky with watches. they seem to break, stop or make me get a rash so fingers crossed my diamante skull head will break the cycle. I couldn't find this from a UK supplier but Torrid do ship internationally.

Revlon Fire And Ice Lipstick £22.99
An oldie but a goldie
You know sometimes you buy something and don't rate it straight away and then try it again and love it? well that's what happened with this lipstick. I brought it last year when Revlon released a limited edition version of this 55 year old shade and whilst I loved the orangey red shade I wasn't impressed with the staying power. Having returned from my holiday my lips are quite dry and the creamy finish of this lipstick is fabulous.Ive fallen in love with it and have worn it every day since I got home. It looks great with my slight tan and yes I do need to reapply it quite a lot but it looks so vintage and chic I don't really mind.

I take it all back Revlon-I love this lipstick

 I'm not sure if you can get it in this case apart from on eBay but the normal lipstick is available on Amazon.

Mac Careblend Face Powder £20

Over the last few years I have struggled to find a powder which has suited my skin. I am too shiny to forgo it completely but I have found powders that previously worked beautifully looking chalky. I'm always a bit scared of stepping into Bette Davies "whatever happened to baby Jane" territory and Ive tried loads with little success. I had all but given up but having a few hours to kill at the airport recently I mooched around the mac shop and the lovely shop assistant suggested Careblend. I absolutely love it,as well as setting my make up it is surprisingly soft and moisturising and not chalky in the least.  Hurrah for Mac. I know everyone goes on about Mac a lot and I for one have never been that impressed with the lipsticks which are incredibly drying but this is amazing.

Nivea Pearl and beauty deodorant

Perfect for my pits
I know this isn't the most exciting product but Ive really struggled to find a deodorant that doesn't leave a powdery residue on my clothes. This one by Nivea not only smells lovely and stops me being a sweaty Betty but doesn't leave my clothes looking like an armpit snowstorm has taken place. Bravo.Sometimes its the little things.


My final favourite thing this month is my brand new kitten Bambi. He is a rescue kitten and we are all completely under his spell. At eight weeks old he is so tiny he fits into the palm of my hand. he was a bit skinny and flea ridden when he arrived but in just over a week he is now sporting a flea free shiny coat and is eating for Britain.

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