Friday, 6 July 2012

Whats putting a smile on my dial this week

Ive been feeling a bit "meh" over the last few weeks. I'm a bit tired, works been quite full on and the constant rain (which if you have hair like mine is a fashion nightmare) has just really killed my buzz as the old ravers say.
Determined to pull myself out of this funk I decided to make this week a good one and somehow by telling myself this its worked!
Yes mind over matter and all that. Here are some of the things which have made me happy over the last seven days.Be warned none of this is earth shattering or deep but its kept me out of trouble.

My Leopard cat ears headband

Purchased from Primarni this week. I love this so much. Its leopard print, its  a headband, its got cat ears on-what more can I say.

New "a little bit like Vivienne Westwood" shoes kinda

I brought these from the bay of the e and not only were they mere buttons to buy (well £7 if you want to be specific) they are surprisingly comfy for what are after all just glorified "jelly" shoes.I tried on a really similar pair in Vivienne Westwood a while ago and just couldn't afford them so these are such a find. I love the big plastic bows as they make me feel like Minnie Mouse and after all who doesn't want to channel Minnie Mouse of a morning (just me, oh OK)

The True Blood Chronicles Charlaine Harris

A friend recomended these to me ages ago knowing I love all things vampy. I love the TV series and the books are even better. Before any of you get all judgey I read lots of other more high brow stuff, many an Orange or Pulitzer prize winner graces my nightstand but when I'm after sheer blissed out reading pleasure something like this is just the ticket. And yes I am slightly in love with Eric the Viking vampire-you can  keep Christian Grey with his ties and ripped jeans an ancient Nordic bloodsucker is far more sexy in planet BB.

Sleek true Colour Matt lipstick in Papaya punch

Ive seen quite a lot about strong lip colours in matt finishes and love Coquette by  Lime crime. When I found this range by Sleek (available in Boots and Superdrug)  it was love at first sight. Its a bit of a Lime Crime dupe.Totally matt and only £4 Ive worn this lipstick all week. it makes me feel like I'm in a cartoon.

First Aid Kit-Blue
I just heart First Aid Kit. A Swedish sister folk Duo who sound like a folky Shangri-Las. Bliss.Strange how a song called Blue can make me feel so joyful.

The Bodyshop Wild Rose hand cream

I picked this up for £2 the other day whilst stocking up in the Bodyshop (I'm mad for a bit of Apple shower gel doncha know) and its just gorgeous. It smells so good and has left my paws super soft. Ive kept it on my desk and have been using it every few hours so my office now smells like roses.

My daughter swimming without floats

Splash splash
My little girl has been learning to swim and this week she swam ten meters without arm bands. I could have burst with pride-definitely the highlight of my week.

Whats been making you smile this week?
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