Friday, 13 July 2012

Sassy Self Employment-What business personality type are you?

Recently I ran a workshop which I called "Sassy Self Employment"
The whole event was filmed so I will be uploading some highlights for any of you who were unable to attend.Today's clip is all about discovering what your business personality is.

Having problems viewing this embedded clip-watch it here on Youtube

I am planning on running this workshop again in Liverpool and London so please e-mail me if you would like more details.

Check out my Sassy Self Employment Page for more career inspiration

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  1. I love your videos from this workshop. They are so inspiring, but I also adore that you are talking about things that people often forget about because they're too focused on "bigger" things (like what will their business be/sell, saving up for it etc.), but these are still important and can make a massive difference. Personally I am really considering self-employment as an option, but I know that I am not much of an outgoing person who'd enjoy the "social" size of it all and I absolutely hate giving speeches (they haunt me even in classes). Having lots of those little tips and ideas that you're giving is absolutely great. I'm really looking forward to some more videos from this workshop. :)

  2. Hey Betty Bee--great blog. I thought you might like to konw I featured you and Betty Bee Vintage on my own blog tonight. Thanks for keeping vintage and rockabilly alive!


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