Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pretty Items From My Jewellery box

As a little girl nothing would make me happier than being allowed to play in my mums jewellery box. Not much has changed and now I have my own jewellery I still love trying it all on and deciding what necklace/ring/bracelet/brooch goes best with my outfit.
Ive been asked by a few people to do a vlog about my dressing table as its often glimpsed when I do tutorials so decided to film one a few days ago when the rain was beating against the windows at BB Towers and I really needed something to cheer me up.
Most of the necklaces featured in this little video are from UK online sellers. 
I can't recommend checking out little online boutiques enough. Its tough trying to make a living as a seller of pretty things at the moment (or a seller of anything really) so where I can I always try and buy from little independents. We would miss then if they all closed down and often their work is so individual and clever.Look on etsy, facebook and ebay. . 
Anywoo here is a little peak at a few of the necklaces from my rather large collection of sparkly things. Just call me Mrs Magpie.

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I know a few of you can't watch videos as you view my blog at work or on your phone so here they all are in photo form too!

This is my current favourite necklace. Its by a company called Diamonds and Daggers who I modelled for recently. I got to keep this heart and wear it all the time.
Wearing my Shanty Tramp self portrait brooch and a name necklace by Bette Noir-This picture featured in my very first Vintage Life magazine article.

This Carmen Miranda necklace from Bow and Crossbones featured in a shoot I did for Collectifs plus size range. Its become a firm favourite and I plan on getting a lot more wear out of it this summer.

This Blighty necklace was made by my best gal pal Lilly Von Pink for the Jubilee-I love it so much I intend to wear it through the Olympics too.

I love personalised jewellery and have quite  a few from Bette Noir (formally Clutterfly) here I am in the Guardian Crafts section wearing my "Queen Bee" necklace

This crown necklace is from a boutique I love called Dolly Mixture. Its a tiny crown which would fit perfectly on the head of a fairy.

I know its considered a bit naff to like jewellery that is themed to your hobby's but as soon as I saw this necklace from razorblade Mermaid with its scissors, thimble and sewing machine I had to have it. The fact that its chunky and silver means it looks super stylish.

This is another Lilly Von Pink necklace. Its a geisha girl and went particularly well with the Asuka dress I modelled for Soho's recently. This was the first piece of jewellery I ever got from Lilly and it has a beautiful matching fasinator as well.
Whats your favourite piece of jewellery? Any UK based jewellery brands you can recommend to add to my collection?
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