Monday, 16 July 2012

Pretty In Primark OOTD

High street curvy girl chic
My outfit today is a rather budget conscious ensemble with two items from Primark, one item by Asda and a pair of shoes from ebay.

Who says budget finds can't be glam
I spotted this rather cute summer dress in Primark last week and loved it straight away. The halter neck makes it look ever so slightly 1950's and its just about long enough (what is it with these short dresses, sort it out High street we don't want the world to see our pants)

It does feature a rather cheeky cut out panel on the bias and as my stomach is neither brown or flat Ive just worn a white vest underneath.

Its the trademark Betty Bee "knotted cardigan" look
Ive knotted this pink cardigan at the waist to create some definition and on my feet are my new Jelly bow shoes which I'm loving so much.

I thought a semi beehive/bun hair do would fit well with this look and I'm continuing my "pretty in pink "make up theme with bright bubblegum lips.
I love this wicker bag
Probably my favourite part of this outfit is this gorgeous wicker bag which was also a Primark buy. Its such a lovely mixture of school satchel/picnic basket and has a strap so can be worn across me which is a big plus in my book (as I have really small round shoulders and bag straps slide off)
Yes I am rubbing my face on my new bag-what of it?
My eyeshadow is from the Sleek  palette  which I raved about recently, my blush is from the gold shimmer stack by MeMeMe and my lipstick is by Barry M

The Details
Dress and Bag-Primark

Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.
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    1. Pretty in pink outfit amor.
      I love Primark dresses!

    2. Oh! That dress! A Pradamark trip is in my future methinks :D

    3. I'm 5ft 9" and love Primark dresses but totally with you on the shortness - I team up a lot of my dresses with black 100 denier tights to protect my dignity!

    4. OMG how much was the wicker satchel thing? LOVES it, I do.
      And your dress, just a dream.

    5. Must have bag! I feel a trip to primark coming on....

    6. You look stunning! So summery and gorgeous, A+! Want my hands on those shoes! Haha xx

    7. I love the dress and bag!!! Can't resist the Rockabilly-style dress!

    8. I've just had a Primark 'haul' too... glitter converse style plimsols!

      I love that bag- it is JUST so summer-perfect!

    9. I was looking at those very shoes on eBay lastnight, and the booty version, seeing them on though may have just convinced me.

    10. *big sadface because Primark we don't have Primark here*
      Such a cute dress! But oh man, that bag is the cherry on the cake. I love that colour!!

    11. very cute, though I know what you mean about the length of dresses right now! LOVE the bag, it's gorgeous! x

    12. looking good! yes, i agree completely with you, what is with short...really short...dresses?! I buy them to wear as tops alot of the time as there is no way I would wear them as a dress alone!


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