Sunday, 8 July 2012

Katy Perry "Part Of Me" Film review

I went to see the new Katy Perry film "Part of me" this weekend and thought I would post up a quick review.
Part live show, part documentary of her year long tour I absolutely loved it. 
I caught her show last year as my daughter just adores KP and was blown away by the theatricality and showwomanship of the whole thing.
Huge candy coloured sets, multiple costume changes and lots of wigs (always a recipe for a good time in my opinion) oh and her live singing was great too
The look of the stage show was a mixture of Willy Wonka, the clothes of the Japanese harajuku girls with more than a fleeting nod to 1950's bombshells like Bettie page. It was a visual feast replete with spinning bras, trapezing mime artists and a real Alice in Wonderland sensibility.

The film shows lots of this tour and I would definitely recommend going to see it in 3D as there are lots of cool little moments where bubbles appear to blow over your head and foam from her giant gun splashes your 3D glasses.

As you might expect the film features lots of interviews with her friends and family and what emerges (and what I particuarly loved) was that despite it appearing as if Katy just "appeared" when the single "I kissed a girl" came out she by all accounts worked for years and was dropped by two record labels before she found success. 
Increasingly we see people becoming famous simply for existing, appearing on reality shows or docu-dramas like Towie and whilst I enjoy these shows  myself it perhaps send out a message that fame is something to be valued and strived for as a commodity in its own right rather than as a by product of having talent and working hard to be recognised.The Katy Perry story is more of the old fashioned move to Hollywood, wait tables tale and so much more engaging for it.

It was also interesting that despite various labels trying to make her the "next Aviril Lavine" or the "next Kelly Clarkson" it was only when she was given the creative freedom to take her own direction that success came.Originality really is the key.
Mixed in with the footage of present day Katy are also clips oh her at eighteen doing her own video diary which is intercut with vlogs from young kids talking about how Katy's music helped them feel less of an outsider. 
You forget how music and pop stars can hold so much meaning to you when you are young and it was lovely to step into the little fan bubble of crazy Katy fans, all decked out in blue and pink wigs with huge lashes.

When I was growing up I loved the Madonna film Truth or Dare and there are definite shades of that in "Part of me" 
You are given a few glimpses into the breakup of her marriage to Russell Brand and its actually really sad to see her crying in the wings about to go on stage. The film suggests that Perry is surrounded by "good people", her big sis works with her and I love that both her stylist and make up artist were unknowns who she met prior to making it and she took them along for the ride (her make up artist quit his job working on the make up counter when she got her deal with Capitol) yet again a simple but fairly heartwarming message-don't forget your mates on the way up and if you can spread some of the luck even better.

Sub text aside if you fancy a few hours of pure teenage escapism and a chance to see some seriously beautiful costumes and make up then I can't recommend this film enough. A real feel good movie with plenty of singalong opportunities.

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