Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Fifi The Fiat Arrives At BB Towers

I like driving in my car
Ive never been particularly interested in cars. They get me from A to B, keep me from getting wet at bus stops and mean I don't have to drag my food shopping home but in terms of looks or specifications I couldn't be less interested.
If money were no option Ive always thought I would love to have  a Hybrid so I would be more eco friendly but until now Ive just had to stick to running on unleaded and have always driven  what my friends affectionately refer to as "owd bangers".

Doing my best Promo girl pose-My neighbours must think Im quite "special"
As with all things I'm the queen of second hand and this has always run to my cars. See a dented heap with mismatched doors-that's probably the Bettymobile. Someones car spewing oil all over your drive, er thats possibly mine.
All this has changed recently. My latest heap (a KA of such ugliness and rot that even I found it hard to love) gave up the ghost and I realised that with some things buying really, really old is false economy. The money I was spending on getting this car to pass its MOT was actually not far off the deposit to buy a newer car which wouldn't break down constantly and only have one working door.

Ready to go in my new Brum Brum
So the hunt for a car began. I wanted something small, economical and with low emissions. I didn't expect to get anything with retro styling (I gave up on the idea of a Figaro after realising that its backseat wouldn't fit my child in) and other than the new Minis (which I love but which were so far out of my price range) didn't really think I would get anything to suit my taste for all thing 1950's looking.I was resigned to getting something modern looking and ugly but which would get the job done and not leave me on first name terms with the AA man
Love the Italian Go faster stripe-as I drive like a pensioner this is quite ironic
You can imagine how chuffed I was then to find this little Fiat 500.They have designed these little cars so they resemble the original Fiats from fifty years ago and best of all its got the lowest CO2 emission petrol car engine in the world.
Betty and Fifi The Fiat

As a hater of any sort of debt buying such an expensive item did make me break out in anxiety hives but now Ive come to terms with the dreaded "car loan" issue I'm loving my new runaround. Ive named her Fifi and she is simply the loveliest thing Ive ever driven.

Even the dash board and steering wheel look slightly retro
This cars such a masterclass in incorporating some classic styling into a car which is has all the mod cons. Even the inside looks a little bit vintage.

I understand this review isn't really going to make Jeremy Clarkson lose any sleep but then as I stated quite clearly at the begining of this post I don't really have much interest in cars, however please join me in welcoming Fifi to BB Towers. Long may she drive her plump owner safely and greenly and with a little nod to times gone by.
*This post wasn't sponsored by Fiat by the way-although Fiat is you are reading this-sterling work and if you want to send me a candy pink car to review for ooh the next five years-use the contact me form*

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