Sunday, 15 July 2012

Betty Pamper's Pink Pop Lip Tutorial

I'm loving the bright almost neon lip colours which seem to be all the rage this season. Here is a tutorial to help you achieve a really glossy pouty almost 3D look on your lips.I'm calling it "Betty's Pink Pop Lip Tutorial"
 I feel really cartoony when I wear my lipstick like this, which in my world is a great thing.

Having trouble viewing this embeded video-watch here on youtube

And if you are reading this on your phone or at work and can't watch the video here are some stills.

You will need: a bright pink lip liner, a bright pink lipstick and a slightly lighter coloured lipgloss (I used Barry M's Lipliner shade 12, Lipstick Shade62 and Lipgloss shade 4)

Step One
Line your lips. Follow the white line just above your natural lip line. Draw outwards in and your hand will naturally curve and create a rounder shape.

Step Two
Fill your entire lip in with lipliner. This will ensure that even if your lipstick wears off throughout the day you still have coverage.

Step Three
Apply the lipstick. You can do with with a brush for greater accuracy but i just put it on straight from the tube. Ensure you are keeping the nice rounded look.

Step Four
Apply the lipgloss over the top. It will look quite white against the pink but work it in, ensuring the top of the cupids bow and middle of the bottom lip are well covered.

And there you have it. Bright pink, pouty lips. Perfect for summer.

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