Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Behold Ive discovered a hair miracle for under £7

When I was sent some products from  the latest John Frieda Full Repair  range to try I will be honest I wasn't that enthusiastic. Regular readers of this blog will know I am not exactly blessed in the hair department. My hair is very fine and I also hammer it a bit curling, setting and backcombing it (I'm a hairdressers nightmare) and Ive found very few products which really do anything to change the condition. Ive tried loads of shine sprays, repair serums, hair masks and they usually all result in the same thing, me with slightly greasy but still quite rubbish looking hair.
The Full repair range

Anyway I had my hair trimmed the other week and my colour done so decided to try the Full repair Deep conditioner masque.

 It claims to have a "Intense repairing formula, with lightweight Incha Inchi Oil which penetrates deep and repairs the look and feel of over styled hair"
My hair certainly falls into the over styled category so I popped this on with a carrier bag over the top (oh I'm such a glamour puss) and left it for about an hour (or as long as it took for me to watch the latest episode of Revenge) After a good rinse I dried my hair and the first thing I noticed was that my hair was very, very soft but more importantly didn't feel greasy. My hair definitely looked shinier for a few days afterwards so I was quite impressed.Not a life changer but good.

As well as the hair masque I had also been sent the Perfect Ends spray which you use on wet hair before blow drying.
The Perfect Ends Spray
The product bumph said it "absorbs into worn-torn strands instead of just coating the surface. Weightlessly reverses the look and feel of damage on lengths and ends to leave hair smooth, shiny and full of body"
I was very sceptical about this. In the past any sprays making claims like this have left my already super fine hair just too limp, I need volume but often forfeit shine in the pursuit of this,however in the interests of doing a full review I used it anyway and... its absolutely brilliant.
A hair product that actually works on my hair!!
Yes brilliant not  a word I use about hair products very often but this is just amazing.
First of all it made my hair look super shiny, you know how some celebs always have super shiny hair and you wonder how, well this gives you that kind of shine. Secondly it didn't really feel like I had any product on my hair, in fact when I was spraying it on I wondered if it would do anything as it had no sticky residue. It didn't give me tons of volume but it didn't weigh my hair down at all and even after I had curled the ends of my hair they still looked split end free and very sleek.
Loving how shiny my overly styled fine hair is looking
The third and best thing is that unlike so many products of this kind it last for at least two days. My biggest bug bear with products claiming to give shine is that they often make your hair so greasy by the second day but this one just didn't.
I'm a total convert and strangely I mentioned this to another friend who had also just brought it and was raving about it.Yes something that works on fine hair for under £7-behold its a miracle.
The John Frieda range is available form Boots and Superdrug. The masque costs £6.29 an the Perfect Ends spray is £6.99
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