Friday, 8 June 2012

Thank You Hater! : How to deal with trolls

Anybody who puts content "out there" whether its in the form of a blog, Youtube videos, or online articles will be familiar with trolls. 
I'm not talking about people disagreeing with your point of view. That's fine and dandy and after all part of the joy of having ideas and opinions is debating them with others. 
Thank goodness someone took the time to leave such insightful comments. How else would I know that I'm a cnut
No I'm talking about those people who love to leave offensive, nasty often down right bonkers observations in your comments box. 
Bizarrely the worst trolling I have ever encountered was when I provided a craft project for a broadsheet newspaper. My slightly tongue in cheek Marie Antoinette clock enraged huge sections of their Crafts section readership.I was by turns called "talentless" had my project described as "The craft equivalent of the ugly Christmas jumper" and perhaps my favourite in its directness told to "Just Die!!!!!"
Ive long since learnt never to read the comments  when occasionally my work is published nationally and I'm lucky as my blog tends to be read by people who if they can be arsed to leave a comment are usually lovely and encouraging rather than making me want to crawl into a ball and pull the duvet over my head.
So when I found this video on Youtube it made me howl and I had to share.

Having trouble watching this embedded clip-Watch on Youtube

And in the spirit of the video I would like to say thanks to the person who commented on one of my vlogs that I "had my head up my own arse and was thick"
Thanks for the feedback. Without truth warriors like you I could have been unwittingly wandering around, head up arse, not realising I was unintelligent. I would love to thank you personally but weirdly you left this gem anonymously.

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  1. Trolls in my opinion are proper sad attention seekers, who want to provoke a response cos anything is better than being ignored, right? I think in this virtual world you haven't made it till you have been trolled!

  2. haha awesome post. People love to bully those they are jealous of. I agree with vicky ^ you've not made it big until you've been trolled! x

  3. Sounds awful! It's beyond me why people would even think to say such things. But amongst the sad oddballs out there are the people who love your blog and shower it with positive comments! keep up the great work :) x

  4. Wonderful.
    Some people are too quick to have a go at others. Usually they haven't the nerve to stand out in a crowd.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi - I've had some truly lovely and equally spiteful comments on my blog, but before either of us start to worry we just need to remember that some people are genuinely mean spirited and need away of showing others! Love your blog xxxxxxxxxxxxxFroogs xxx

  6. Beautiful Betty, jealousy is always behind trolling, and you my dear must infuriate such sad people with your fabulous blog. The clip is wonderful! Thanks for sharing x x x

  7. What a fab found! Love the video clip!
    Trolls are small minded, ignorant (often bad spellers and have no idea re grammar...) and not at all at home with themselves at all.
    I know first hand what a troll is like, not the most positive thing in the day is there...but as you have done, one can turn the tables round and is such a wonderful way too! Bravo! Xx

  8. These nasty blog commenters are the same people, I think, who like to shout odd things at people out of car windows. Such people would never dare to walk up to you in the supermarket and say such things to your face, so their anonymity just shows how insecure they are really. It really is the lowest form of bullying. It takes personality, great writing and creative skills and a great deal of intelligence to organise and run a successful blog - not to mention the work that goes into producing the writing material. Such idiots possess none of these talents, but are just there to remind bloggers how awesome they are compared to them! We all love your blog - keep up the good work! x


    Ha ha ha - made me snort with laughter!!!

  10. Great post as always. The YouTube video is genius, although I couldn't help thinking about how much I wanted her dress, while watching it! x

  11. It's because you're doing well, have enormous talent and doing what you love. Some odd people have a real problem with that. I found this little story that fits in quite well with this troll phenomenon. (Sorry it's lengthy, but I couldn't resist...)

    "Kathy: You know, Joe from accounts is doing very well. He just bought a house in a very nice part of town.

    Helen (Hater): If he's doing so well why does he drive that 89 taurus?

    Why do people hate? I guess because they can. Does it mean that Joe is going to sell his house and move to the ghetto? Probably not. Helen can go fcuk herself."

    p.s love the youtube video:)

  12. Well done for standing up and being proud Betty, you shine and any 'hater' that can't see that has issues they need to address in their own life before commenting on yours.

    The love outweighs the hate. x

  13. loving the video aswell - its funny isn't it!



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