Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Big Fat Mantra

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Hellbunny Dress Giveaway
The brilliant Sohos clothing who stock an amazing range of plus sized clothes are offering one reader this rather fetching Asuka Hellbunny dress.
For your chance to win this dress (available in sizes 6-20)
Win this dress
The winner will be chosen via random number generator on June the 13th 2012

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  1. You are bloody marvellous mrs!

  2. Here here!!
    Great Vlog from a wonderful inspirational woman.. the power of one!

    I am feeling pants with PMDD today so really needed this thank you!

  3. thank you! Not at all preachy, and I feel as if you've just given me a big hug :)
    Seriously inspiring as always, you really do help me to feel better about myself & have totally got to the point here. I'm certainly my own worst enemy but am trying to love myself a little more each day (just as I am) & finding new clothes that actually fit & look good has been a great start, as has your (vlog & blog) support! Thank you honey xx

  4. Brilliant vlog, really enjoyed it and laughed out loud at the balaclava comment!! Fabulous xx

  5. Thank you for this. it isn't rambling at all, it's SO important and totally applaud you raising the issue and encouraging women to be happy, healthy and give up the negativity. I Salute you! Vivi xxx


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