Friday, 1 June 2012

Girls With Attitude False Eyelash Review

I'm always on the hunt for good inexpensive false eyelashes. I love my eyes to look as dramatic as possible so get through lots of pairs. 
Even with a bit of TLC I don't think you can get more than a couple of wear per pair so finding good lashes at an affordable price is a regular mission. 
I picked up these Girls with Attitude set from Superdrug for £5 (I think they are available at quite a few places) and decided to put them through their paces at a photo shoot I was doing.

Girls With Attitude-Ready to be road tested on my peepers
Here I am with the lashes. I went for the "Shorties" as I wanted a set which would give me very thick looking lashes rather than extra length. These are a lovely shape and would probably work well for the daytime as they are not too "drag queenie"

As Lilly Von Pink was doing my make up she applied them for me. As with most false eyelashes these came with their own glue. I'm never a fan of the glue that comes in the packs (its often so old and dry and does a fairly poor job of keeping your lashes on) and always use Duo clear eyelash adhesive however in the interest of this review I used the glue supplied.
Lilly applied the glue provided

Using a pair of tweezers she gently pressed them into place and just put a little more pressure on the corners 
In terms of comfort these aren't the lightest feeling of false eyelashes but they are still quite wearable. As I wear false eyelashes quite regularly the slight weight didn't bother me but if your eyes get easily irritated you may not be able to wear them all day.

Fixing the lashes in place. I love how thick they make my eyelashes look.
I wore mine for about five hours under studio lights and as predicted they did start to come up a bit at the inner corners. I find this tends to happen with most eyelashes so it wouldn't put me off buying them.
I absolutely loved the thick lash effect they gave me. They made me feel all doe eyed and very fluttery.
The finished effect-quite natural looking but with plenty of va va voom
For £5 these are an absolute bargain. I would definitely buy them again. The only change I would make is I would use my trusty Duo glue instead but this is the case for all false eyelashes I use.
So if you are looking for a bargainalicious set of eyelashes I would most definitely recommend the Girls With Attitude brand. Lovely shape and easy to apply.

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