Thursday, 14 June 2012

Galaxy Manicure: Nail Tutorial by Lilly Von Pink

Beauty genius Lilly Von Pink has another great nail tutorial for us.
Have the milky way at your finger tips!

you will need

  • A make up sponge
  • Base and top coat nail varnish
  • A Black or a very dark blue poilsh (I'm using midnight black by George)
  • A white or sliver nail polish (I'm using sugar kisses by Sally Hansen)
  • A pink or light purple polish (I'm using a Matt pink freedom by George)
  • A teal or green polish (I'm using ne by 17 but it has no name on)
  • A dark shimmery blue polish (I'm using indigo dazzle by George)
  • A glitter polish for the stars  (I'm using a Bourjois which also has no name on)

    Start as always with a base coat on clean maintained nails (Push back cuticles, file nails into shape and moisturise skin. Love you hands they work so hard)

    Step 1: After applying base coat, apply one coat of your first colour which is black
    ( Don't worry if its not even its just the base colour)

    Step 2: Using a make up sponge dab your white colour on and sponge onto your nail in patch's.

    Make the areas you apply the white polish to random.
    Like so.....

    Step 3: Move on to your next colour in this case the pink and apply in the
    same way. Overlapping the white like so

    Step 4: continue like this with the rest of your colours
    Teal then dark shimmery blue

    Step 5: Add your stars apply a coat of you glitter polish to the whole nail
    (if you glitter polish has a high density of glitter apply in small dots)

    Step 6: clean up any varnish on you skin and apply top coat

    and enjoy xx
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