Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Facing Your Big Fat Fears

face the fear and dive right in
Last year I decided I was going to start doing things that took me out of my comfort zone. Facing my fears you could say. I don't mean sky diving or climbing Everest it was more that I wanted to challenge my perception of myself and see if I was brave enough to take the plunge and do a few things that really scared me.
Rocking a Collectif dress
One of those things was taking part in photo shoots. As a photographer and make up artist at the Vintage Pamperbox I had spent years coaching ladies to let go of their inhibitions and find their inner sirens and decided I needed to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.
Sure I had posed for a few promotional shoots for my work but I had never considerd myself model material so if ever I needed a shot of clothes, accessories or a make up tutorial doing I would instinctively get someone else to pose for it. This I decided had to change.

Not only did I think it would make me better at my job but I also wanted to challenge the idea that only sleek slim lovelies could rock a vintage inspired look.
Ive now done a few photo shoots and the response has been amazing. Ive had companies such as Collectif, Soho's and Dollymixture send me clothes to be photographed in and have loved every minute.
This month Ive also been chosen as the Pin Ups In Pinnies Miss June which is so fab. I will also be used for the calender the company produces. 
Miss June for Pin ups in pinnies

Over the last few months my face has  graced the websites and facebook pages of companies like Diamonds and Daggers,Bow and crossbones and Ive shot a whole feature for Wonderland wigs.
Yes a big bangered size 18, short arse is rocking vintage clothes and accessories and rather than sending people running screaming they are being used to show plus sized princesses how these outfits will look on them. 
On the home page of the Diamonds and Daggers website
Last week I was also asked to feature on a website called Pin up garage which is bursting at its curvaceous sides with incredibly hot looking retro vixens. 
Shooting for Wonderland Wigs
Pin Up Garage

Mammy Jane Blog
 If ever there was an example of how facing your fears can lead to fabulous exciting things this is it. I'm neither young nor thin (the only bit of me which is 18 is my dress size) and yet by deciding to no longer accept feeling marginalised because I am not conventionally attractive I have had some wonderful experiences and lots of photos which I'm quite proud of.Ive got some really lovely photo shoots lined up and have had some really encouraging conversations with companies who recognise they need to show their plus size ranges modelled on real plus sized women. 

Dollymixture clothing
So the next time you decide you can't do something because you are too shy/the wrong size/age just remember-Betty Bee did it an so can you!
Check out my Curvy Girl Style Page for more plus sized inspiration.

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  1. You look completely amazing seriously well done! Loving that vintage look!



  2. You, yes YOU Ms Betty, have been inspiring me for months now. You have made me re evaluate myself and try out new things and I love you for it, my hubby loves you for it as well as I have got more confident and no longer am I the one in the tent sitting in the corner trying to not offend anyone.


  3. You're certainly my inspiration and I think it's awesome that all those companies & websites think so too, yay, it's about time we saw more of us curvy gals celebrating the way we look (I'm working on it!) instead of hiding and you're fabulous, thank you x

  4. You have really inspired me. I have recieved my cherry dress and usually I'd say 'no way thats not me' but I actually tried it on and took a good look at myself and I liked it, so I will be wearing it for my birthday. I have also treated myself to some clothes that arent my usual black. Thank you xx


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