Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chamomile Teabag Facial

Feeling a bit under par after a Jubilee weekend that included far too much Pimms and cream teas? Skint until payday? Well the clever and resourceful Lilly Von Pink has just the thing to make your skin glow and it wont break the bank.

Lilly Von Pink-Looking rather splendid for someone who has just had a baby

You will need:
A bowl suitable for boiling water
A Towel
A Chamomile Tea bag

Step One
Prepare your skin for steaming by removing all traces of make up and cleansing the skin of dirt

Step Two
Boil the kettle and pour into a large heat safe bowl. Throw in a chamomile tea bag and let the tea bag sit for a few minutes for the chamomile tea to gradually release into the hot water.

Step Three
Take your hair away from your face I use a hair band. This will stop it sticking to your face.

Step Four
Place your bowl on the edge of a table and set a chair in front of the bowl. Make sure there is enough distance for you to lean into the steam. Sit leaning forward in front of the steaming bowl.

Step Five
Use a towel to place over your head and above the facial steam to make a tent. If its too uncomfortable,wait for the water to cool until it is a manageable temperature. Remain over the bowl for 15 minutes.

Step Six
Rinse your face with cool water to close the pores. Your skin will be soft, blackhead free and feel wonderful.

*Disclaimer please use at own discretion and be careful when using boiling water*

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