Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Business Research: Why it good to be nosy

Its good to be nosy
Recently I ran a workshop which I called "Sassy Self Employment" 
The whole event was filmed so I will be uploading some highlights for any of you who were unable to attend.Today's clip is about the importance of researching your business sector, not only when setting up a new venture but throughout the life of your business.Yes it really does pay to be nosy.

I am planning on running this workshop again in Liverpool and London so please e-mail me if you would like more details.

Check out my Sassy Self Employment Page for more career inspiration.

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  1. Too true! I've found in being self-employed that continual resarch and adaptation in line with the research's findings is key to sustaining a successful business. That's one of the reasons I love twitter, blogs and facebook as they also provide such a great forum for research and discussion! xXx

    1. I agree-social networking is such a good way to stay connected and become inspired xx


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