Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Breaking The Plus Sized Fashion Rules

Lets break the plus sized fashion rules

In fashion as with most things there is a perceived idea of how you should put certain items together (if you show cleavage, don't show too much leg, never mix spots and stripes) 
When you add being plus sized to the equation it seems there are even more nuggets of " wisdom"many of which are regularly shared on make over shows and in magazines. Here are just a few:

ooh sorry I just accidentally burned my stretch trousers and tunic combo
  • Wear black as its "slimming"
  • Avoid horizontal stripes as they make you look "wider"
  • Stick to block colours. Anything with a pattern is too "busy" and will "emphasise" your shape
  • Wear tunic tops to "hide problem areas"
  • Bootcut trousers will "lengthen" short legs
I absolutely hate these kinds of "style rules" and here's why: 
If you are a size 16 or above wearing top to toe black is not going to magically make you appear like a size eight, sure darker colours make you look slightly slimmer but that's treating your shape and size as a problem to be solved. Its not. 
I've got very short legs, boot cut jeans do not make them look longer and guess what they don't need to look longer. They are fine and dandy just as they are-short, dappled with cellulite with thighs they fit together like pieces of a chubby jigsaw.
Wear tunic tops and bootcut jeans because you like them, not because you have been told they will disguise your size or shape.
Please don't think I'm being insensitive to any plus sized hottie buying clothes with ingenious cuts and cunning camouflage that's not my message. My point is ladies whatever your size OWN IT

Forget the "rules" own your shape and size and wear what you want

Please lets all make a pact starting from today that we will never ever again buy an item of clothing because we think it disguises our size. 
Lets buy clothes that we truly adore, in colours and patterns that make our heart beat too fast, in styles that make us walk slightly taller because we feel great.
Wear stripes, wear prints, wear whatever you damn well like and the next time you see something on a rail that you love but then start to pass by because "it just wont suit my figure" go and try it on. I insist.
I'm a big bangered butterfly breaking out of my high Lycra content cocoon
Fashion rules are made to be broken. Don't let other peoples hang ups or the medias obsession with size dictate how you dress and live your life. 
Sure I realise that I look slightly "thinner" when I wear black leggings, a black top and a black skirt but I don't want to spend my life looking like an Italian widow, and don't try and tell me that I should express myself simply with accessories. The top to toe black look with a "statement" necklace just doesn't cut it. I want to be a riot of colour and pattern and if I can find it in my size I'm going to wear it.
I want to be a riot of colour and pattern
So like large bangered butterflies breaking out of a black stretchy fabric cocoon lets all get giddy with the possibilities that plus sized fashion anarchy brings. Race you to the acid yellow horizontal striped crop top!

The Details
Model-Betty Pamper
Photography-Nick Beedles at
MUA-Lilly Von Pink

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