Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Stop The Press: Newspaper Print Nails

Its midweek, time for some nail loveliness and no one does them better than my partner in beauty crime Lilly Von Pink who I run the Vintage Pamperbox with. 
Lilly turned up with this fab newspaper effect on her nails recently and I immediately wanted mine like that too. Here is her fab tutorial to take your nails to the front pages.
Hey Lilly-Love those nails, show us how you do then!

You will need:
Some newspaper
An Opaque Pale Nail varnish
Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka (I used Vodka)
Base and Top coat nail varnish

Step 1. Apply base coat and two coats of your chosen pale nail varnish and leave them to dry completely.

Step 2. Once your nails are dry cut your newspaper and get the vodka

Step 3. working nail by nail dip nail in the vodka or rubbing alcohol for about 10 seconds

Step 4. Remove and immediately press the newspaper firmly onto the nail and hold for a further 15 seconds then remove the News paper .

To leave it looking like this

Step 5. Apply top coat and leave to dry

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