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Pearl Lowe: Vintage Design Queen

Ive had a huge style crush on Pearl Lowe for quite a while. I was vaguely aware of her as the lead singer of the band Powder but she really came into my line of vision when she began making beautiful lace panel wall hangings for the Cross and launched the Pearl Lowe collection selling vintage inspired dresses in Liberty.
Pearls Lace panels for The Cross
Looking like a modern day Louise Brooks her unique sense of vintage inspired style has been utilised by some fab companies and her stationary is now available at She has also recently created a range of limited edition candles with DP London which are available from Asos and Selefridges.
Pearl Lowe Candles for DP

Probably her most successful design project has been her collaboration with the high street chain Peacocks. Her range of clothes for them was so beautiful and boho fabulous that no sooner had the latest collections hit the racks that they sold out. 

I own quite a few of these beautiful frocks as do many of my friends.They really felt like you were buying a designer frock at a high street price and as they went up to a size 18 (and a generous size 18 at that) a lot of plus sized princesses could be seen rocking Pearls dresses every season.

Shes married to drummer  Danny Goffey from Supergrass and is mum to four kids including the model Daisy Lowe. She has at times been the focus of tabloid interest and if you read her biography All that glitters her life has certainly been a wild ride. 
Pearls Biography
Theres been so much written about that side of Pearl and I find it far more interesting that she has a restored gypsy caravan in her back garden, is writing a new interiors book and listens to Fleetwood Mac (though if you do love a good rock n roll tell all her biography is a total page turner)
I caught up with Pearl earlier this week and picked her very pretty brains about what rocks her world. 

One of Pearls collections for Peacocks

Betty: Which eras particularly inspire you?

Pearl: The 1920s, I love the furniture and the clothes.

Betty: You seem to move quite effortlessly between various disciplines (writer, clothes designer, singer,interiors guru)  whats your secret? 

Pearl: I'm just really passionate about every project I get involved in, if something doesn't excite me, then I don't do it.

Betty: As a working mum and partner to another creative with a successful career of his own how do you juggle it all?

Pearl: I don't think I'm doing that well with it at the moment, I woke up this morning thinking I need a PA. We don't have a nanny and sometimes, when both my husband Danny and I are working, we have to ask friends to pick the kids up, it's a bit stressful.

Pearl with her daughters Daisy and Betty

Betty: Your clothes designs, particularly the range you developed for Peacocks are so beautiful, did you always harbour hopes to be a fashion  designer? 

Pearl: To be honest, I just always wanted to be a Singer, that was it. I only started designing Dresses because I couldn't find good ones to fit my curvy body after having my daughter Betty.

Betty: With the sad closure of Peacocks I know I'm not the only one totally gutted not to be able to buy your clothes on the high street any more are there any plans to take your range elsewhere? 

Pearl: I've met with quite a few stores since the closure of Peacocks. There is a store that I think will be perfect, but nothings been signed yet, so I can't say, but I will keep everyone posted.

Pearl by Gary Crozier
Betty: I adore your personal style especially your Louise Brooksesque bob, how did you develop your signature look? 

Pearl: Thank you, if I'm really honest, I'd love long hair, but my hair just won't grow since having so many kids. I suppose it suits the 20s stuff that I so adore, so it's OK.

Betty: I have seen a few articles about your home which looks just fabulous.How have you achieved the lovely boho look that seems to infuse your interiors?

Pearl: I'm so lucky as I live in a place that is filled with vintage and antique shops and flea markets. I'm such a magpie, My husband Danny gets so angry when I come back from a trip laden with loads of what he calls crap.

A fab little video showing us inside Pearls very lovely home

Betty: Years ago an article about your lace range for the cross inspired me to make my own window dressings from antique lace, does lace still feature heavily in your work? 

Pearl: I'm still mad about lace, I've now got into tea dyeing it. I've just been renovating a Gypsy Waggon and it's filled with lace, I'm sure I was a Gypsy in a past life.

Betty: You are married to a musician and are a singer yourself,what music do you love to listen to? 

Pearl:Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Grizzly Bear, anything slow and depressing really.
Digging the Mac

Betty: If you could go back to your fifteen year old self what would you tell her?

Pearl: Don't ever touch drugs!!!!!!

Pearl by Gary Crozier
Betty: Having already written your biography I believe you are working on an interiors book, this is so exciting can you share anything about this yet? 

Pearl: I'm working on a vintage interior book which is due out next spring, it will have lots of tutorials of how to achieve my look and also lots of old photographs of my old houses and things that inspire me, it's very exciting.

Betty: Other than wearing your own designs where do you source your clothes from? 

Pearl: I get a lot of my clothes in vintage markets and shops, there is a shop where I live called Poot, I get most of my dresses from there.

Betty: You always look impossibly glamorous, what make up and skin care brands do you use?

Pearl: you're too sweet. I use Laura mercier make up and Doctor Sebagh products for my skin.

Pearls secret weapon

Betty: We were all rooting for your lovely husband to win masterchef (he was robbed) which of his dishes do you love the most. 

Pearl:I know wasn't he? He makes the most delicious slow cooked lamb, it's incredible.
never mind Danny-you didn't win masterchef but Pearl loves your lamb

Betty: What are you currently working on? 
Pearl: My book.

Betty: Where can we find Pearl Lowe's designs and products? 
Pearl: My high end dresses are available through Viola and soon I'll be able to tell you where my dresses and homeware will be stocked.

Finally some quick fire questions

Favourite Book 

Favourite scent 

Agent Provocateur

Favourite Album

 Either/or by Elliott smith

Best piece of advice you have ever received 

Those who matter don't care, those who care don't matter.

So that was Pearl Lowe. Creative, passionate and a lover of all things vintage. She can definitely come to my next party.
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