Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Eighties Inspired Outfit: Feeling Like A Belle Star

More 1980's than 50's?
Today's outfit always makes me feel like I should be in an eighties girl group like Banarama or the Belle Stars.This morning I even played the best of Banarama to compliment it so have got "Cruel Summer" running through my head as I write this (the irony that its currently only stopped flooding rain here isn't lost on me)
 I brought this dress from Dorothy Perkins last year when they were having a bit of a "madmen" moment and their store was full of 1950's inspired summer frocks. Whenever vintage styles have a fashion "moment" I always buy whatever I can, happy in the knowledge that even when swing dresses or Capri pants are no longer featuring in the pages of Vogue I will still have my fab finds filling my wardrobe.
Defying the rubbish weather with my outfit
As happens with a lot with vintage inspired high street clothes the dress is actually quite short so without tights or leggings you are at serious risk of flashing your knickers.Ive found this with a lot of the swing style dresses which have hit the shops over the last few seasons and as I'm quite short I think they must be meant to be worn as mini dresses by long legged hotties, I just remedy this by chucking on one of my many pairs of footless tights or leggings.
I love the orange and yellow print on this dress. its making me feel very summery even if its only May and does feel very very fifties.
Ive coupled it with a cardigan I brought when I was in New York a few years ago. I think it was from Urban outfitters but couldn't swear it.I remember my husband thought I was bonkers buying a cardigan in the sweltering September heat but whose laughing now (him still probably)
 I love the colour of it. A strange sea green and the fact it has short sleeves means its ideal for the current weather where one minute its boiling an the next its pouring down. Ive knotted it at the waist so you can see the full circle of the dress.

Lashings of Kate Moss lipstick on
My hair today is a cross between a beehive and a bun. A bunhive? It isn't really doing what its told but as with so many things distraction is always a good option so Ive put in a flower I brought from Tescos recently and I'm wearing lots of red lipstick with is the Kate Moss one by Rimmel.
I'm calling this hairstyle a bunhive or a bunbee
I need to do quite a lot of dashing around today so this outfit isn't too fussy but I still feel quite girly too.

The Details
Dress-Dorothy Perkins
cardigan-Urban Outfitters
Lipstick-Kate Moss For Rimmel

Remember feeling good and looking great has nothing to do with dress size and everything to do with attitude.

Never wait to be a certain weight to start enjoying clothes and never reject anything thinking it wont suit your shape. Try it on-you may be surprised.

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    1. I remember being quite enamoured of that frock in Dotty P's, but because I'm so tall (I wouldn't describe myself as a long legged hotty, lol) it was like a micro mini on me :-) I do have a micro mini 50s shape dress from Red Herring, but I don't tend to buy them if they are short. I wish I had now as it's such a great print and looks so pretty on you. X

      1. have a little mooch on ebay-I bet someone is seling one xx

    2. You look amazing, I love the dress I remember seeing them in dp's. I love your hair even if it isn't doing as its told it looks great. Xx

    3. The dress is flipping lovely but the stars of the show for me are the shoes - they're fantastic!

      Jem xXx

    4. I recall owning a cardigan with long sleeves in almost that colour, long gone it is now though! Don't actually know what happened to it. Maybe one of my girls used it for dressing up and as so often was the case, was cut into little pieces when they needed material for doll's clothes...
      I DO like your dress, very nice! I looked at some dresses in H&M the other day. It was a bit unfortunate or maybe fortunate (lol), but they didn't have my size. I said to my friend and one of my daughters who were with me, that H&M didn't seem to carry my size 'rounded' shape. They got a laugh out of that! :))
      There is a vintage shop nr me here in Essex, which I still have to get to.
      Have a good day! x

    5. I find that with the high street frocks. Being long-legged, they can look obscenely short on me! You look very pretty here! What a good idea to knot the cardie!
      Please can I enter the giveaway. I will go and leave a comment on Monday (I wanted to tell you I went to Collectif, Spitalfields on Sunday and thought of you!). The only trouble is I am not on Facebook. Is it possible I can enter still please?

    6. I love DP dresses but they are very short, I'm not long legged but I feel with leggings they show off my thunder thighs!!! I love your hair :) x

    7. Lovely dress, I have a fruity patterned one which is quite similar but I got mine as a TK Maxx bargain (it was by Clements Ribeiro). I have the same problem with a lot of dresses, I have fairly long legs and by the time a dress has made its way over by boobs and bum there can be not much fabric left! I'm really not one for displaying too much of my pasty white pins minus tights, but obviously once it gets hotter (please!) tights or leggings are a no-go.

    8. I'm following your blog. I love it. You can follow mine too:


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