Friday, 18 May 2012

May Make Up Haul

I absolutely love to have a nosey at peoples shopping bags. If you are in front of me in a supermarket queue chances are I'm having a crafty peek at whats in your basket. Which is why the popularity of the youtube "haul" video has been such a joy to me. Watching total strangers sharing what they have brought on a shopping trip whether it be clothes, make up or accessories just fascinates me and I can idle away many an hour watching these. 
So drum roll please here is my first haul video. Its not the hugest haul but its decent and if any of you are nosey like me its a chance to peak in my shopping bag (ooh er missus)

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  1. Loved your vlog! :)) given me some ideas for my next photo gathering session. My two daughters have a LOT of make-up and their eyes and lips willbe my colours set in B&W.
    I'm trying out new photo ideas and that is one good one, I think. Not sure it will be all that marketable, but hey, worth a try, n'est pas? :))
    So, hope all is well and i really like the sound of a blue and white polka dot dress.
    I'll be back later this weekend to read through all your latest installments.x

  2. I love your Blog videos and I'm glad I'm not the only person who buys false lashes with extreme regularity!

  3. Lovely Vlog! :) and a great high street haul. Thanks for sharing! I'd be mega pleased with a haul that size so hope you enjoy it all. Look forward to reading about the products on here. :)

    Hope your photo shoot goes well - what a glamorous lifestyle you lead! :) x


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