Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jubilee Style For The Curvy Girl

Whether you are a fervent royalist or not particularly interested in the comings and goings of our Royal family there really is no escaping the Jubilee celebrations.
So in the spirit of if you can't beat them, join them I'm using it as the perfect excuse to put together some great looks, all with a red white and blue theme and all picked to flaunt my curves to the max.

Big Up Blighty
Buying outfits for social occasions when you are plus sized can be a major cause of anxiety.Even if you feel you have your day to day wardrobe licked, trying to find  something which makes you feel like you stand out for all the right reasons can be quite a challenge, especially as the choices available can be so frumpy (if I see one more floor length "maxi" dress I may scream)
This is where the retro Silhouette can be an absolute godsend. 
Ignore the racks of garish looking kaftan's and embrace a look which highlights your good bits (and yes you do have lots) and cunningly disguises the bits you aren't so keen on.Whether its a wiggle dress or a swing frock, embracing a little old school style is my secret weapon when an invitation lands on the doormat.

Vintage inspired shapes-the curvy girls best friend.
When you are plus sized you can waste an awful lot of time focusing on the bits of you that you don't like. I find turning this on its head is far more productive. For example Ive got nice skin and a great cleavage so I always wear things with a heart shaped bust line. I don't like my tummy or upper arms so a small sleeve is a must as are a good pair of control pants. Once you accept your good and bad points in equal measure you can start dressing accordingly and will feel so much more confident.Having your own set of style rules means never looking at 'mainstream" fashion again and feeling on the outside. Instead you can cherry pick pieces which you know work for you and avoid taking things into changing rooms which wont flatter your shape and will leave you feeling fed up.
Focus on your good points and work to make these the centre of attention.
Looking well put together is all in the planning. If you know you have an event coming up decide on a theme for your outfit and take the time to get accessories that work with it. 
I'm loving this Crown necklace which is not only a nod to Queenie but also ensures my neck and Decolletage become a focus point. One thing plus sized girls tend to have is an awesome cleavage-show it off!

Its all about the decolletage baby
Modern fashion can be quite sneary of having too much of a "matchy, matchy" approach to outfits but I find it really helps me pull together looks which make me feel like a million dollars.
Once Ive found an outfit which I know emphasises my good points and cunningly disguises my wobbly bits I ensure I have underwear which nips me in at all the right places. 
Its also great to give some time and thought to what you will be wearing on your feet. yet again think carefully about what the event entails, if its lots of standing or dancing opt for a low heal or pretty flats. Jumping from one foot to another as the balls of your feet go into spasm wont do much for your enjoyment.
Don't forget the shoes
For special occasions I plan everything from my jewellery to my shoes well in advance. I even decide what style of make up I'm going to wear so that come the day of the event its a total no brainer. No desperately trying things on, questioning if something looks "right" or flatters me. Ive road tested what I'm wearing withing an inch of my life and can quickly put it all together and get on with the serious business of enjoying myself.
Now your outfit is organised its down to the serious business of having a good time
Have a great time celebrating the jubilee and please send me any pics of your smoking hot outfits as I love to see what my gorgeous readers are up to.
This post was sponsored by the wonderful online boutique Dolly Mixture Clothing who stock a fab range of shoes, accessories and clothes (many in plus sizes) The dress, necklace and shoes are all part of their lovely summer range.

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  1. You look fantastic (as always) - über glam! The whole jubilee thing is an odd one for me: I don't agree with having a royal family, yet the thought of bunting and street parties makes me feel all fuzzy. Any excuse to get togged up and sup a few cheeky gins though, I suppose!

  2. the dress looks great on you! i love the polka dots the necklace is really cute xx

  3. Off to a wedding this weekend with people I haven't seen for years, was feeling a bit nervous about being all retro'd up and being to 'boobie' but your post haa made me feel much more confident about wearing the bright red dress I made and embracing my style, I know I will look better for being more confident and well, me, rather than looking like everyone else! I'll send you a picture!

  4. Looking fab as usual! I have a talent show to perform in on the jubilee weekend so was thinking of going red white and blue, sailor swing dress, red flower and possibly the iron fist union jack shoes! Hell if people are going to stare at me for being fat they might as well look at something über glam :D

  5. Lovely look. Impressive cleavage, I'd love the heart to point the way down mine!

  6. You look gorgeous and your make-up is divine x

  7. love your blog!!!! check it daily!




  8. Looking fantastic as usual! I have to have that dress! Can you share where its from?!

    1. Doh! Just read the end! Yey I'm going shopping!

  9. Signed up for emails.

    You look gorgeous!

  10. very inspiring...and love the shoes especially :-)

  11. OMG I LOVE THAT NECKLACE!!!!!! I have a tendancy to collect british kitch :) and that dress is amazing, why do I have to discover things a week before payday!

  12. Wish I could look that good in a wiggle dress!

  13. Looking lovely and a great article. :) Jubilee fever has hit my children so there is no escaping it! lol I remember the celebrations as a child mind you (showing my age now). So am not against a lovely BBQ party. :)

    hope you enjoy your celebrations with little bee and hubby bee. x

  14. Looking lovely as always! That necklace is so cute i hope i can make it an addition to my collection :)

  15. Oooh count me in please. That necklace is totes lush!!! x x

  16. I'm not really one for the royals outside of Philippa Gregory books, but I do like a street party and an excuse to wear a booby dress! You look great x

  17. that dress is divine! total bombshell polka dot babe ^_^ xX

  18. The winner chosen by random number generator is Ana-please mail me on bettybeevintage@yahoo.co.uk to arrange delivery xx


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