Thursday, 3 May 2012

How To Make A Vintage Crate Storage Cabinet

I’m always looking for clever ways to display my retro finds so when I found an old wooden drinks crate I decided to make it into a quirky display cabinet for in my kitchen. It’s a simple idea but looks great and is very easy to make.

You will need

Old Wooden drinks crate (I got mine at the local tip)
Print outs of vintage recipes
Fast drying varnish
Medium sized paint brush
Brash washers
Spirit level
Jar with screw lid
Cup hooks

Step One
Clean your crate and give it a layer of varnish all over. Line the inside with your printouts of old recipes and varnish over a few times so they are really shiny.

Step two
Once this is all dried drill a couple of holes into the lid of your jar and screw it into the bottom of the crate.

Step Three
Screw in some cup hooks alongside the jar lid.

Step Four
Drill two holes in the back of your crate. This will be how you will fix it to the wall.

Step Five
Use your spirit measure to see where your shelf should hang and mark with a pencil.
Step Six
Screw your storage shelf into the wall.

Fill with your favourite books and collectables. You can put tea bags in your jar alongside your best mugs. Who said storage had to be dull?

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